Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Crushing it! Get it!


Someone needs to go reply this to river fenix.



Happy Sunday, y’all! Got my workout in and looking forward to spending the day with the fam. Heard there’s a football game on tonight :yum:

Finished January strong - got 100% of workouts in. Few things I love more than checking a box :white_check_mark:

Got a blank page ready for February!


Welcome to the club @bullydub - glad you’re here!

Congrats on making the decision to focus on better health. You found a good crew here for motivation, encouragement, information and just plain fun! Look forward to seeing your progress as you get your workouts in and get your nutrition dialed in.

I agree with @kryptokenzie and @CryptoDad - you can’t outrun your mouth so get your calories dialed in and pick a simple routine that is sustainable over the long term. If you do these 2 things well, you’ll be amazed at the results over time.


Just a run and Wim Hof this morning. -5 today, just hope it starts to snow a bit more now.
I’ve started practicing sitting seiza during my meditation in order to increase blood flow to my feet. Hopefully that will help with my cold exposure training.


YogaX. Love to hate it


Can you also walk on water. Oh great wizard


As long as it’s frozen. :troll:


I tried Yoga once. I couldn’t get past the Trichinosis Position. :rofl:


You never cease to amaze me :heart: I’m considering going vegetarian or vegan after my trip to Korea. When I was younger being vegetarian for 17 years was quite horrible I always felt so tired fat and unhealthy… maybe because our family didn’t understand nutrition but I been researching heavily into plant based diets. I tried for two weeks and felt “clean” skin cleared up, didn’t emotionally feel sad, easily triggered etc unless that’s all psychological. Always felt bad for animals when eating meat :cold_sweat:

Has anyone else looked into vegan/vegetarian diet?


Slow start today folks. Just had coffee. But I’m killing it at my meditation pose! See?:
Rowing commences in 5 minutes anyways.


Thanks for the kind words, I’ve no experience with being vegetarian though. The closest thing I’ve done is juice fasting for a week. I know a lot of vegetarians nowadays aren’t very well-read about what they actually need, so they get a lot of deficiencies from eating nothing but raw vegetables. Doing things like your own fermented vegetables is sure to help with nutrition a lot, but I’m no expert so make sure to read up on it.


Hi Jake,

What’s with the CHEAT day? Hmmm?

I’ve already started my chart for February:


Cheat day is when he uses the same picture for the last 2 months and doesnt actually workout. :troll:


5k, er’y day!


love it! keep it up!


First for the day!

Hey Jake, where are you, you sleepyhead?

Here’s a picture of Jake, taken live from his home, right now:


Note the difference between his sleepy demeanor and my energetic, ready to do battle action pose!:

Meanwhile, Peter’s still happy dancing after yesterday’s action packed Ivan vs. Richard Heart epic live stream battle:

Rowing commences in 5…4…3…2…1…


You beat me to it today @SukoshiHidariMaki - well done sir!

I got some yoga in this morning.


Nice run @Jess !

5k errday? You training for something or just like to run?


I have to confirm - this was me this morning. I almost didn’t make it to the gym this morning. Gotta learn how to wake up ready for battle like you :doge: