Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Tabata Core done for the day.
I’ll see how quickly I can afford the barbell, it would be nice to get some harder lifts in. Hopefully I won’t drop it and destroy the floor in the future.


only got half a walk in today… will pick it up tomorrow.


Early run and yoga today. Going away for the rest of the day.


Finally getting one in after 6 days of mayhem!


Got mine today. Always look forward to Monday front squats and shaking off the weekend rust. Got to get out early tomorrow for work. Then make another batch of Blueberry BBQ sauce , @CryptoMom is a selling machine. :blueberry:


Five mile mountain hike in Little Elk Creek canyon.


Weights yesterday, seems I forgot to log in. Spent most of Sunday chasing after my 2-year old nephew. There’s no shortage of energy in that tiny body.


Rainy F3 workout. Beats the heat!


I’m jealous! I wish we had places to hike around here! :heart_eyes:


Light squats and deadlifts today. Deload week for me. :relieved:


Tabata Full Body. Phew, sweaty.


Come visit anytime! Ghjkjgddd ch


Yoga today!


Weights today.
Finally ordered a barbell. Will hopefully get it by Monday so I can start trying out Stronglifts 5x5 next week. :weight_lifting_man:


Fixing to get Wednesday done. It rained all afternoon so its cooled off here which is awesome.:weight_lifting_man:


Won’t be cool in a day or two :disappointed:


Yoga day today, which is nice since I have an intense pain in my shoulders from sleeping in a weird position.


Another HOT F3 workout.


Finally back up in this. Time to grind!


Finished my 2hr Wing Chun training :v:️