Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Going later today to smash some shoulders and chest for volume. :gorilla:

Deload week so no heavy sets or PRs planned.


meditation, full body cardio and resistance done for the day. probably evening meditation with Taichi sprinkled in for breaks between timeboxes.


Stronglifts. Squats, overhead press and deadlifts. Continue to increase the weight throughout. OH press felt very hard despite not being my previous max. I might need to sleep and eat more.


Tabata Cardio. Man, it’s a tough one, felt like collapsing on the floor afterwards to sleep for a while.


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 6 :white_check_mark:
Are the squats kicking my Ass? :white_check_mark:
Am I ready for Thursday ? :white_check_mark:


Stronglifts Day 30. Deloaded 10% and building back up. Squats, OH Press and Deadlifts all felt good. Looking forward to building back up to new PR’s.


Squeezed in some TaiChi yesterday. Will see what workout I get in later on today.


All arms today :muscle:


Stronglifts, squats, bench and row. Was a bit short on time today, so I tried cutting the rest period between sets by half. I just finished my quickest workout ever. Cut a little over 20 min off the workout, and I still managed to complete all reps. :muscle:


Nothing major today, just a nice walk.


Cardio and full body resistance exercises feel sooo good


Can’t wait to get back home to my local gym :weary:


Shoulders and chest day 2 for this week. Focus on hypertrophy within a deloaded /lighter weight workout.

Main work:
3x8 OHP
3x8 Incline dumbbell bench
30 chins

Light weight accessory work:
4x12 chest dips
4x12 incline smith machine bench
4x12 cable fly
50 push ups
3x12 cable machine lateral head tricep ext
3x12 cable machine long head triceps ext
3x12 cable lateral raises

Good volume and good pumps. Looking forward to begin a new cycle next week.


Yoga day, still really hard to do the poses I was doing daily half a year ago. I need more practice.


Stronglifts day 7 :white_check_mark:
Its time for a 20% deload. Everything is feeling good but the tendons and ligaments have been maxed out. It will be fun to build back up. How often do you guys go for a 1 to 3 rep max that are doing a stronglift routine or something similar?


I’m still with you Fam, I’m still putting the work just like you.
Back and Abs exercise.


Not once so far, but as you might remember I just started working out properly for the first time ever this year. So far I’ve always gone for 5 reps, or as many as possible when I had just deloaded.


Legs :leg: and glutes :peach: today.


Yesterday was a workout I’ll never forget. 86 men in the F3 Nation came together to remember and celebrate the life of Darth Visor (Randy Faile). His life made an impact on so many and I’m grateful for the time I spent with him.


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 31. Getting back in the groove after a few busy weeks. Making progress on squats, bench press and row. Building back up to previous PR’s.