Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Back up in this!


Back and biceps done for today.


Wednesday :white_check_mark: I have been doing some research and decided to swap my routine around.
Strong Lifts day 1 . I defiantly am not used to 5 sets of 5 but I backed off on the weights so it wasn’t to bad today.
I also think that doing squats 3 times per week is going to bring the pain. No pain No gain. :weight_lifting_man:


Yoga day. First time in almost half a year that I’m able to do hand balancing poses without pain in my wrist. Really hard to keep the balance after this long break, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.


Last Stronglifts for the week. Keep increasing weight on overhead press and deadlift, going slowly on squats due to the sub-optimal setup I’m using. Need to strengthen my lower back for the unracking so I’ll only be increasing the weight by 2 pounds at a time from now on, until I reach my previous PR. Feels a lot better than when I was initially lifting this much.


Nice three setter tennis hit around last night. Left with a sovereign…


How is this possible?


The courts were slick and I’m a big server. So as I was serving the my feet slid out from underneath me :roll_eyes: … Got that Deuce side out wide ace though :muscle:


Left shoulder hurts the most though, friends said it looked like I basically landed straight on it when I went down.


Out wide on the deuce side :muscle: nothing better than watching them take one step to the right and know they just got served.


Stronglifts day 2 :white_check_mark: I’m off work today so I got to enjoy the early morning :weight_lifting_man:


First time in the gym since June. Missed it a lot! In at around 82kg. 86kg is my first target :dart:


Did some light cardio since today’s hit around got canceled.


I think I overextended my lower back at the end of my OHP yesterday, when it was too hard to lift the barbell normally, so today has just been some light yoga until this pain goes away.


Had a long three set match today, came out with the W at least.


Some more yoga and push-ups today as well. Will hopefully be able to lift tomorrow without pain.


Adding 3 days per week for OHP into my program now.

Day 1 focus on strength 5/3/1 programming
Day 2 focus on speed 4 sets of 15+5+5 with 50% of 1RM
Day 3 focus on hypertrophy 4 sets of 8-10


A nice steady chest session yesterday. Day off today, didn’t get back home til 8am. Need that rest.


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 28
Deloaded 20% on all exercises. Looking forward to building back up and breaking through plateaus. Going back to weights that were hard to lift just a few months ago and they feel pretty easy now. Definitely a good indicator of the amount of strength I’ve gained with just a few months of Stronglifts.


Crushing it!
Another great week closer to yen launch!