Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Stronglifts with squats, bench and row. Keep increasing the weight little by little towards the previous plateaus.


Stronglifts day 3 :white_check_mark: added in some toe raises and a short run. :+1:


Tabata Legs. It never gets any easier. :triumph:


Getting back to heavier weights on squats today. Felt doable, but gassed out and had to rest more between sets. Going to be implementing lighter cardio squat sets to build endurance.



Yesterday ended up being a rest day, going to play a bit of tennis and then maybe d some light cardio after for today’s physical activity.


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 29
Making progress today on squats, bench press and row. Working back up to previous plateaus.


Stronglifts. Increased weight on squats and overhead press. Did one final workout with the same deadlift weight as last time, before going back to my max next time.


Today was focused on ohp strength. Planned to hit 5 reps on my top set but only got 4 and that loaded my head with self doubt and anger. Took a 10 min break and finished the rest of my workout, which went amazing. Channeled that anger and frustration into something positive. I am always thankful that I have weights to better myself.


Getting mine in.


Yo, pub and @peter I am starting a new 77 Days to Fit Challenge on October 1 and would love for the cryptonation to join me! What good are them crypto gainz, if we are not healthy enough to be around to spend it?! Haha. I don’t want to spam the link, so if anyone wants me to give them the info, let me know. This is my company and have been working on it for over 10 years! Formulation phase is over and it’s time to go viral, with a little help from my friends in the Cryptonation!


Ah. Very nice. Sounds like a great challenge!


Thanks, @peter. Amazing workouts, customized meal plan including custom macros, huge support community and so much added value. We’ve taken the guesswork out of fitness, health and wellness. Not just another program, we are a lifestyle shifter!


Morning Ritual

Glass of cold water

Box Breathing

Kokoro Yoga sequence- today was Jedi Warrior-25 minutes




Warm up-Animal Flow

5 Supersets

DB thrusters-10
Double KB swings-10

Cool down with yoga poses then 20 minutes sauna


Another big day!


45 minutes of yoga. .


Arms and back workout today

50 chins
50 push ups (feet raised)

Followed by heavy supersets:
5x5 dumbbells seal rows
5x5 cheat curls
5x5 laying down rope cable face pulls
5x5 rear delt fly machine

Burn out sets:
3x12 rope cable curls
3x12 standing cable rear delt fly

The pump is real :muscle:


Just to be a part of this thread.
I took a walk around the book 3 times today. :wink:
I woke up earlier to wake up my son because he is excited about Season 6 of Fortnite
Anyone else?


It’s all about the PUBG! I’m working away next week, hopefully can find a nice gym around Birmingham.


I need to create a rock solid morning routine.
Anyone else have a solid morning routine?