Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Training a bit later than usual. Stronglifts with squats, bench and row. Felt good to finally row again after over a week. The back pain is almost gone and I had no problem lifting today. Will keep increasing the weight again next time.


Back/Lats day


Week 5 DDP Yoga - Energy

Still at it and also got over my 10,000 steps in!


Wed :white_check_mark: volume volume volume :+1:


Had to go in to the city and had a very very long walk.


10 sun salutations warm up followed by

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 2 hours

Feet up the wall and foam rolling on rumble roller for cool down


Did some stretching today just to get any sort of activity in. Was glued to the chair working all day :expressionless:


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 21. New PR on squats. Making progress on bench and row. Used a weightlifting belt for the first time today.


Hit a new PR on incline bench for strength and a new PR on OHP for volume. Pressing lifts have been progressing well for me. I’ll take it :muscle:


Belts are the way to go. There’s not a more important goal to me than keeping injury free.


Agreed! I’ve been making good progress but paying close attention to form, warm up sets and proper equipment to stay injury free.


Stronglifts for me, squats, overhead press and deadlift. Increased weight on the first two, still lifting the same on deadlifts until I can afford to buy some larger weights.


Friday :white_check_mark: congrats on you guys PR it is a great feeling when you set the bar higher :rocket: Volume again today and probably for another week it has made me feel so much more balanced this week that I feel another week is mandatory. I’ve realized that it takes the pressure off :rofl: pun intended , but for real it has helped ease my mind and its fun cranking out more reps. Until Monday :weight_lifting_man:


1 hour No gi submission grappling


Tabata Core, managed to finish despite my injury flaring up. I don’t notice it except during certain movements, so it should hopefully be healed soon.


Got a circuit in yesterday, today just some TaiChi.


My wife lost her job for about two months. I got stupid sick 2x pushing my body too hard working out and working overtime to make up her pay. I had to keep my family taken care of.
Had to stop Keto which caused another set of problems.

My wife now has a better paying job. I am at a proper gym with squat racks, space for deadlifts, and power cleans. Plus, I am seeing chiropractor for my back. They always fix me up.
Did 4.7 mile fasted ruck yesterday, I started light for the long recovery process. So excited to be back at it, and recover my gains!


Some yoga and 100 push-ups to finish off the week.


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 22. Hit plateau on OH Press. Making progress on squats and deadlift.


Stronglifts, best training in a while, everything went very smoothly. Think I will have to stay on this weight for bench because I just managed to finish my last set, squat and row was easier and I’ll keep adding weight next time.