Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Monday:white_check_mark: Start:weight_lifting_man:ing the week strong


Week 6: DDP Yoga - Fat Burner

Missed yesterday’s so I got it in this morning.

This Fat Burner was much better than last weeks!


Tabata Full Body. No problem finishing all sets.


Changing it up this morning. 40 minute ruck with 30 lbs pack. 2.2 miles.


Stronglifts. Squats, overhead press and deadlift. Went better than expected despite the increase, all exercises are starting to feel very tough, but I keep increasing the weight a little bit at a time.


Got Wednesday done :white_check_mark: The weather here is relentless. But resistance was overcome and I had a great session. :+1:


Flat bench dumbell seal rows are my favorite back exercise lately. Feels just right. :ok_hand:


F3 workout!


30 min yoga as well as a long walk.


TaiChi day, need to get the workout area cleaned up so I can do my circuit tomorrow, maybe even later today…


Back and biceps day.


StrongLifts 5x5 Day 23. Made progress on squats, bench press and barbell row.


Stronglifts. Squats, bench and row. Feels like I might’ve hit a plateau on all three exercises, will stay here a while longer before attempting to move on.


@bamse have you deloaded yet?


Not since failing squats without a rack, when I had to clean to get it to my shoulders.


Friday :white_check_mark: continuing volume. Even added some pushups for more volume. Until Monday :weight_lifting_man:


Week 6 - Day 2 (Wednesday) complete.
Day 3 (Friday) completed - makeup today


Tabata Core yesterday, yoga and push-ups today.


Week 6 - Day 4

DDP Yoga Fat Burner

Every workout I’m getting better.


@kryptokenzie Would you recommend that I do deload at this point? I’m not really sure exactly what that entails, other than decreasing the weight. Any information would be highly appreciated.