Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Friday’s are real. Let’s crush it.


Friday :white_check_mark: Finished the week strong :muscle: Had a nice run afterwards had a thunderstorm close by had some nice cool outflow pushing through. Until Monday :beer:


This one is for all you hard working folks in the daily exercise… and for the lulz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This should go in the videos section?


Love the commentary Kayla! You crack me up :rofl:

It’s been a crazy week with a house full for family and friends evacuated from Hurricane Florence.

Back at it this morning with my favorite workout partner!

Stronglifts 5x5 Day 27
Deloaded squats and row - ready to build it back up again. Still making progress on bench press!


But it’s a video all about the exercise thread :blush:


Nice one @CryptoMom, haha.
Finished my Tabata Core program for today.


Light cardio yesterday and a rough three set tennis match this morning. Getting back in fighting shape is no joke :expressionless:


DDP Yoga Week 8…missed my Wed. and Fri. workouts so made up one today.

Fat Burner and Red Hot Core


Some light yoga and 100 push-ups. Ready for next week.


A day of stretching and TaiChi for me today.


Week 9 - DDP Yoga
Fat Burner complete


Stronglifts. Squats, overhead press and deadlift. Increased the weight again. Did my quickest training session in a very long time despite doing as many reps as I could, and doing three sets of deadlifts. :muscle:


Monday :white_check_mark: Got it done today. I wished it were Wednesday already I feel so good. These next two weeks are just going to be volume as much as possible. Until Wednesday. :man_playing_handball:


Back on front squats today from a 3 week squat break due to a knee injury (unrelated to training). Hit 3 sets of 8 with 225lbs. Felt light and moved great. Got me refocused for my bigger weight goal. Probably won’t be hitting it this year, but it’s still in my crosshairs as I rebuild and level up :arrow_up:.


Ohp strength day today followed by chest / tricep focused bodybuilding work. Putting more meat on these bones. Eating big again :cut_of_meat: :egg: :broccoli: :rice: :sandwich::banana::tangerine:


Just a quick run this morning, didn’t have time for anything else sadly.


Kokoro Yoga session +Box Breathing to start the day.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about an hour late morning.


TaiChi today. Tomorrow will be a rest and fast day.


Another week starting with stronglifts. Increasing the weight on squats, bench and row.