Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Stronglifts day 16. Still moving forward on squats, OH press and deadlift. Can’t wait for some collet weather. It’s even hot inside today!


Week 4 started:
DDP Yoga - Energy


Life. Getting it. No stopping.


Stronglifts. Finally deadlifting my own body weight, and now I’ve officially run out of room on the barbell. Extremely tough for me to lift this much considering I haven’t been lifting weights for long, but I just barely managed. :triumph:


Got Monday in :white_check_mark: It was a tough day. @Jake_Sumner I agree these evening lifts and runs outside are a grind. I feel like i could double my performance on some days with better weather. :weight_lifting_man:


F3 workout!


I feel for you guys in the states, the temperature here has finally gone down and I’m hoping it won’t increase again anytime soon.

Tabata Full Body today, didn’t even spray sweat all over this time.


Stronglifts day 17. Squats, Bench Press and Row. Still making progress!


Still here in week 4 of DDP Yoga.
Energy workout this morning.
Really didn’t want to do it today but I pushed through!


Every day is the grind.


Have to take a rest day today. Had really intense pain in my back after yesterday’s Tabata, which was due to dropping the barbell on my lower back on Friday, when I tried to find a better position for squats. Luckily there weren’t any plates on it, but it was still enough for me to hardly be able to move last night. It’s a lot better today, so hopefully I can get back to it tomorrow.


Wednesday :white_check_mark: ready for Friday


Hope you feel better soon!


Yoga day!


Stronglifts, managed to progress on squats and bench press. Row proved impossible due to my back. It’s a lot better than yesterday, but I couldn’t stand in a way that didn’t hurt, so I think I’ll take it easy for the rest of the week and start strong on Monday.

@Jake_Sumner Thanks for the concern!


Circuit is done for the day. I’ve plateaued at 2 may up the reps within for a week and then see if I can smash 3 circuits at the ‘normal’ rep level.


Stronglifts day 18. Hips are a little sore from heavy squats - refining technique on lighter warmup sets seemed to help. Finally hit my max on OH press. Extra rest between sets definitely helps. Deadlift still going strong.


Smashed an overhead press PR today that’s been a few months in the making. I love training submaximally. Always leaving ego out, dropping weight, progressing slow and focusing on volume. Gives me confidence when I’m ready for the kill. Piece of :cake:. There’s no better feeling to me.


another day. Let’s crush it.


you def look like someone I wouldn’t mess with.