Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Stronglifts today, deadlifts are getting pretty hard.

Finally found a bench with a stand that didn’t cost a fortune, and I can fold it up and stow it away. Hopefully this will help my squats and bench press. No more need for doing cleans and I won’t risk my wrists anymore when doing bench press.


Be thin sexy and shut up.:smirk:


Got it in late today . 12 hour day at the J O B . Resistance is getting shown who is running the show. I never had a thought about skipping out I just readjusted some time boxes until tomorrow. :facepunch:


Tabata Full Body. My god it is hard to do this when at the start of the workout you’re already sweating like crazy.


F3 workout


Good Morning!
Chest and Ab day for me.


Stronglifts with my new bench. Bench press is noticeably easier now, front squats are more or less impossible however. I tried normal squats, which was better, but I think I injured my upper back on the last set when putting the bar down, hopefully it wasn’t too serious. Due to the construction of the bench it’s not really meant for anything but bench press, and it seems I’m a bit too tall to properly get the bar on and off my shoulders with a straight back.


Good work, @bamse - glad you got a bench now. Be careful with your back!

Stronglifts day 11 - moving forward on squats, bench press and row.


Getting mine in.


Thanks! I didn’t expect this kind of trouble, so I got a bit carried away. I will have to try some different positions without any weight on the bar to see what would work best so this doesn’t happen again.


Ok, everyone @CryptoDad brought up this thread yesterday which I didn’t know about. So here goes: I did my DDP Yoga this morning. I follow a routine which I just recently started again and I am on week 2. I have been doing Crossfit that past 3 years pretty much daily with weekends off. But, due to my schedule and being old it was becoming more and more difficult to stay consistent. I will be buying some weights for my garage and plan on turning my 3rd spot into a workout area for lifting, pullups, etc.


nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.


Got that workout in today, slowly getting back to normal.


Wednesday Lunge Day :white_check_mark: They used to kill me Now I OWN them :facepunch: @UncleChuck Welcome to the Show. I’m guessing it was one of my discord rants that you heard. But great to have another Keto Brother in here. Crossfit for 3 years straight is Stout :muscle:


Went for a morning swim in the ocean. It was completely silent and the water was almost like a mirror, only a slight breeze disturbed it. Wish I had brought a camera, it looked amazing when the sun came out from behind the clouds. I ended up swimming for an hour completely alone.


Hello Fam!


Stronglifts day 12 - making progress on squats, overhead press and deadlift


Week 2 complete for my restart of DDP Yoga. All 3 days this week the workout was Energy and it zapped me!


Stronglifts done for today.
Tried a bunch of different ways to do squats, and the only viable option seems to be to remove the bench completely for squats and overhead press. There’s just no way of lifting the bar with a straight back if the bench is in the way. It will be a bit annoying to screw the bench back in place every time I need to bench press, but it sure beats injuring my back. Can’t say I noticed any pain after my injury, so it seems I got lucky.


Friday :white_check_mark: done. Eating Keto and Getting Stronger is Fun :muscle: It was a long week at work, But the Weekend is upon us. Hope everyone is enjoying the DIPS " Pun Intended" :joy::rocket: