Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Weights today again. Squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, row.
Wim Hof and running this morning as well. I’ve been seeing the same car parked outside the house every morning this week, waiting to pick someone up to go to work. Guess it’s just a matter of time before there’s an article in the local paper about some crazy guy running around naked in the cold.


Getting ready for my hit class. I’m not going to lie I have so much lactic acid build up in my triceps I don’t even want to go. I signed up for a weight loss competition and I am NOT going to lose! I’m going to stretch and roll out and hopefully I’ll get through… I got this…:wink:


Derping it up on a friday


Wow is your moooomm your mooom (belly ) today from all that kimchi kimchi
I’m at the Apple store bro and look it’s a Korean US military


Have the best time at Father-Daughter dance today!


Thank you! Excited! :fire::racing_car:


You’re taking her in the lambo? :heart_eyes:


Whatever she wants. Porsche lambo audi


Still in the early stages. Building that mind-muscle connection. Really makes me feel like I’m gaining control of this body suit !! :laughing:


It’s one I learned from the Japanese National Judo team when I was competing in Judo there a few years ago.


Bulgarian Bag workout

10 snatches
10 around the worlds
10 shoulder t shoulders
10 Squats with Bag on shoulders
25 puchups

4 rounds 60 sec break in between


Got my row in today of course. Yogax yesterday. Checked my RHR last night. Nearing my goal of over 2 years ago of 45. Was 65 jan 1. Rowing + no booze = helpful.


That is awesome. I have not checked mine in a while ill have to check it. I know when i finished my workout with a short run this evening my heart rate was much better than it has been after the run. I actually did not have to stop halfway and take a break looking like i was having a hyperventilation attack :rofl:
That is the good news. The bad news is now i have to decide to either run farther or pat them feet faster. At least i have until Monday to decide.


Hey everyone. Giant Jake and I put aside our fierce exercise rivalry (he works out while I eat donuts and cheer him on) for a day to make a few practice runs on the Doge Star video song:
As you can see, I’m thinking about donuts while Jake really got into the spirit of things:

Thank you @jcastro619 for the wonderful Doge video! Amazing eyes on that puppy. :smiley:
It’s coffee time, then row, row, row…


Weekend warriors :hulksmash:


I love this. Looks so epic! I need to send mine!


Tabata day again today. Exhausting as nothing else.
Really quiet outside this morning during my run, think I saw one car, compared to a thousand on weekdays.


Did arms/shoulders, ended with a couple squats. Because I like keeping my booty nice and firm


Kettlebell day!

Curl to press
Drop lunge
Row to push-up
Lying leg raise

Started with a set one rep of each and worked up to a set of 10 reps of each = 55 reps total

Hoping this workout will melt some of that fat butter!


This is a good workout. I don’t have any kettlebells yet but I think I might try this today with dumbells. @Jake_Sumner


Yes - it will get you going. Dumbbells will certainly work!