Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Yes but if I weigh everday, i used too, i get a bit crazy. So I switched to once a week. Only carry long term goals as weight isnt really my end goal rather chest to stomach ratio!


Got in an hour on the tractor after work today getting the fields ready for our spring season.
Now i have no excuses for my favorite workout day tomorrow.
Wednesday Lunge Day :exploding_head:
No pain no gain :weight_lifting_man:


Get after it! Those lunges work!


Side and forward lunges? Fun stuff. Hold some dumbells in each hand for more fun!



And I just ordered more? Why? Because the only thing better than coffee is MORE COFFEE!


Guess who needs coffee more than I do today? That’s right, it’s Jake! He’s all tuckered out from his singing on the Doge Star Deadline Reminder Video. Here he is here:

Still no sign of John:
Rowing commences NOW!


Man - you are on fire this week! Crushing out videos AND rowing AND coffee!

I skipped my workout this morning to work on last-minute Valentine’s stuff for the fam but I’ll be back at it tomorrow morning. On a side note, I couldn’t believe how many other dudes were at Walmart this morning at 5 am getting that last-minute Valentine shopping in!

I definitely appreciate how you and the rest of the Pub push me to stay consistent and keep it fun!


You forget how easy it is for me to crush things Jake. I need only sit on them!
Happy Valentine’s Day!


Haha! Keep crushing! Happy Valentine’s Day!!





It’s all about priorities. 99% of the time the workout wins my 5 am timeslot but not today!


Stronglifts again today. Squats, bench press, deadlifts, overhead press, and row.
I’m having no problem eating like a pregnant woman with all this exercising. I made homemade semlor for Valentine’s today, with a lot less sugar and junk. Yesterday was Fettisdagen (something like Shrove Tuesday or Fat Thursday in English, not sure), which is when we eat semlor, but I didn’t have time to make any, so I did everything at once today.


Are you on Starting Strength? #CardioIsHardio


I needa start working out again. I went from 270 to 175 and now back to 200. Someone give me some motivation. I been out for 3 months cause injury and another 2 months now cause laziness :frowning:


I’m trying out this.

Sadly I don’t have the proper equipment to do it as intended since I don’t have access to a barbell at the moment. Should be better than doing nothing though.


5x5 is a great program. Definitely helps with building strength.


Sounds like me last summer. I just started small again to get back into it. Do 25-50 push-ups every morning. Get into the habit of consistently dedicating some time to working out, even if it isn’t that much at first.


Check this out, no need for a barbell. Great compound exercises for those without barbells.


Thanks a lot! Feels good knowing that I am already doing those, but I could definitely change the order I’m doing them, and not rest in-between either. The last thing I want is to burn fat however, but I’m eating a lot more than normal and have started to gain weight the two weeks since I started recording my eating habits.


Hey guys. So I haven’t checked in for a couple days. So Monday and Tues I did a small Yoga routine and today I’m walking a mile uphill. I’ve been sick to my stomach so I missed my hiit class today. That sucked. As long as I feel better tomorrow I’ll go in for a crossfit class instead. My goal is to lose 15lbs. I’ve lost 2 1/2 since I originally posted on here. I need to put in more work. I have what I need I just need to do it!