Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



I didnt go to the climbing gym today, need to let the tendons rest for a day, so i went for a 10km fast walk instead, was really nice being outside.


Thanks for the tip! I think there are a few indoor walls nearby. I’ll have to give it a shot! Sounds like quite a rush - especially moving to outdoor climbing!


bruhh picked up bouldering and climbing indoor. yall should try it i swear i always end up spending more then 3 hrs there. it amazing how mind clearing it is.


Just got rid of my mono :confused: was out of the gym for over a month. Hella small right now. But each day grinding back to get to where I was. Monday- International Chest Day. Boom. Gonna feel sore as hell tomorrow.



I am an evening warrior as well. I wake up very early for work so as soon as i get home i set my timer and roll. It would be ideal to get in the work in the mornings. When @SukoshiHidariMaki gets that doge pumped to $1 I shall then be able to grab some strong coffee and beat @Jake_Sumner to the first bowl of FAT BUTTER of the day. :rofl::ramen: :weight_lifting_man:
Got the work in this evening by the way :muscle:


Saturday: Lifted Weights and then played pick up games of basketball with college kids.
Sunday: Lifted again and played basketball with college kids again.

Conclusion: I must be getting old because I can’t move today. I used to be able to play every single day. It felt good to be able to hang with kids who play college ball though. Treasure your youth people! Get out there, play hard!


Wow, I guess everyone’s getting a slow start today!

Coffee in hand (Butternut) with Caramel flavored Stevia. Rowing begins shortly.


Hey everybody, new Emoji! Doge Moon! (Thanks @john !). :dogemoon:
Note it’s only for use by sexy people so if you don’t use it in your reply to this post, you’re not sexy! :rofl:


:dogemoon: :dogemoon: :dogemoon: :dogemoon: :dogemoon: :dogemoon: :dogemoon:


Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighborhood Spiderman!


Playing around with a beautiful hard problem and could only figure out the first moves… cant wait to continue working on it tomorrow!!!


This is most excellent!


Got my workout in this morning. Forgot to snap a pic. Resisted the urge to recycle an old photo! Thank goodness for new emoji! :dogemoon:


I didn’t. Here’s what Jake was really doing this morning:


nice!! looks like a fun problem.
i gotta firgure out mine before they switch em friday.:stuck_out_tongue:


YOGAx AGAIN FINALLY broke 194 last Sunday(weigh day) been 3 weeks without movement. Those are the days I wish I was measuring cause I kept strict on my diet. Most likely a consolidation and muscle build. Did weight today 192.6 but I’m gonna Eff that up this weekend when I drink!


Tabata Core today. 12 minutes of utter hell.
Some running and yoga this morning as well.


It is those willing to face pain that succeed.


Getting in some kickboxing rounds today!


Progress :muscle: What I do is weigh myself every morning after I go to the washroom and record on a spreadsheet and consider the 7 day average as my weight for that week. Too many inconsistencies that can make me feel like I’m not making progress if I spread out my weight ins.