Cybersecurity Learning Objectives and Prerequisite Knowledge



Lol. Come on, man… I studied GEOGRAPHY. Tell me more about what you know…

Funny how even well educated people don’t understand how Geography applies to EVERYTHING.

I really do appreciate the scrutiny, though.


Ooooh, interesting. Reminds me of cryptocurrencies. The more numbers you jumble up, the safer, but the less efficient it becomes? Gotta study this more.


Did I mention I studied Geography? Like, what is a map? Who studies maps?


Uhm… My CV states I’ve already completed a masters level GIS course… and I won an award for my Emergency Response map an undergrad. Does this have anything to do with security? Chances are, I used a data structure and wrote an efficient program.

Oooh, you mean trim the fat shit? Like taking out half of your redundant numerations in this list?

Fucking A man, its called an abbreviation in elementary school.


Get an ethernet chord, plug it into a modem, and then plug the modem into a router? I’ll brush up on his and ask some networkers I know.


I just kind of did. It is all connected. Add an Internet Service Provider and a Firewall.


Damn, are those anything like, maps?

Oh, you mean all of that stuff…



“I see” said the blind man.


You mean, its not magic?




I will work on 11-17 soon. Is this how open source programming works? :roll_eyes: :relaxed: :hugs: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :zipper_mouth_face::joy:




My buddy told me yesterday that C++ is FAST. Gotta learn:


#9 This is so basic, have to know this.

YOU are an object, hehehe.

I want to get to this level…


#10 I knew this :relaxed:


Here is my proposed schedule. I can’t see any class schedules for Spring 2019 yet, so I am planning to finish early.

**2018 Summer Session Dates: **
Summer A: May 14-June 22.

MAT 5932 (3) Special Topics: Applied Cryptography

BUL 5842 (3) Risk Management and Legal Compliance

ISM 6316 (3) Project Management

Summer B: June 25-Aug. 3.

ISM 6137 (3) Statistical Data Mining

Summer C: May 14-July 20.

EEL 6936 (3) Special Topics: Data Networks, Sys & Securities (Proposed EEL 6808; pending SCNS approval)

Fall 2018

ACG 6688 (3) Forensics Accounting and the Legal Environment

ISM 6218 (3) Advanced Database Management

ISM 6328 (3) Basics of Information Security and Risk Management

ISM 6930 (3) Decision Processes for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

For Information Assurance: ISM 6905 Independent Study




This is an ambitious schedule with heavy summer course load. I don’t have any other obligations besides my own projects, and the studies should synergize well anyway. However, if I am feeling overwhelmed the first few weeks of my summer courses I can always drop a course or two. The same thing applies for the Fall semester, and I can do a course or two while I finish my independent study during the Spring graduating in 2019.


And now “watching” this thread

@FloridaWater. I’m excited to see the great info you will share in here. I have to go back through n read all think links you’ve posted so far

Good luck to you bro it will all be worth it in the long run and thanx for adding so much to the Pub community. Its because of people like you I can honestly say im addicted to this place


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: Likewise.


I forgot to ask, are you studying full-time for this, or working and studying? I’m presently working on my BSc in Management and Digital Innovation with the University of London (via distance learning), plus I’m working (so its a bit stressful for me). I plan to pursue their MSc in Information Security afterwards.


I am studying and working full-time as an independent. Good choices, sir! Keep your head up, you can do it!


MS in Cybersecurity at USF Degree Requirements

Let’s do orientation! Ignore unless you are interested in studying MS in CyberSecurity at USF

Take away points: 80% grades of B or better, otherwise you are put on probation. This program only wants to produce high caliber graduates that will add value to the industry.

This University does have a nice, user friendly, online interface to say the least, so I think this is a good foreshadowing of the program’s content.

We need more Cybersecurity Experts!


I have seen some very clunky foreign university email systems. Fortunately both of the Universities that I have studied at use a gmail interface which I personally enjoy and would recommend to any University, anywhere.

In reference to my above post about my own previously proposed schedule, I got an official acceptance email from my Admissions Adviser:

"Soon you will receive an email from your Academic Advisor to your USF email account

a. Will include Your Program Plan

b. Plan will help guide your registration

c. Further instructions on registering for courses"

I think this is a nice touch. Thus far I would recommend University of South Florida to anyone.

GO BULLS! :bullish:

Let’s see how this goes.


Cool article written by a friend of a friend and former professor,

Key Defensive Terrain in Cyberspace: A Geographic Perspective

Making connections between Geography and Cybersecurity :slight_smile:


Emailing with my Academic Adviser today,

“…attached is full-time Program Plan taking into consideration course rotations and capacities.”

Just one 8 week semester this Summer, so that is nice way to begin :smiley:

EEL 6935 Data Networks, Systems & Security
ISM 6316 Project Management

So excited for these :point_up: first because they will help me with my current projects! :laughing:

Fall 1 (8/20/18 - 10/12/18)

MAT 5932 Applied Cryptography
ISM 6930 Decision Analysis for Business Cont and Dis Rec

Fall 2 (10/15/18 - 12/6/18)

ISM 6218 Advanced Database Management
ISM 6328 Basics of Information Security and Risk Management

Spring 1 (1/7/2019 - ?)

BUL 5842 Risk Management and Legal Comp
ISM 6124 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design

Spring 2 (? - ?)

ACG 6457 Accounting System Audit, Control, and Security (Pre-Req: BUL 5842)
ISM 6905 Independent Study/Practicum ( Guess what my independent study topic will be :slight_smile: )

Graduate Spring 2019 as a Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance :bullish:


@FloridaWater I highly HIGHLY recommend you get a subscription to this will save you a minor fortune from avoiding buying individual books you’ll need and it’ll give you access to loads of videos as well.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yes, I just realized this weekend there is a possibility that I might need to buy some textbooks and I am currently visiting in Europe. I thought all of the resources I need would be accessible online. We shall see soon, in the next month. I will definitely check this resource out if I need books. :100:


Its got almost everything I’ve ever been interested in except for a few self/lean published titles here and there. Their cybersecurity coverage became pretty good once they picked up books from Syngress publishing.


Oh my goodness, it is sort of difficult to tactfully explain how disappointed I am in USF and their MS in Cybersecurity…

First off, I can’t share any of the course materials because they are covered under IP laws.

Second, you wouldn’t want any of this course information anyways…

To be frank, the first class with information is fine. Even as a Geographer I am familiar with the topics, but the videos should have an option to play them 1.5x or 2x speed as the professor speaks too slow, and most of the content is already common knowledge to anyone who has ever thought about or practiced managing a project. I can see the course material is from 2014, which seems out dated. This is one of the problems with archaic universities and giving an old man tenure. This guy has a PhD, but he sounds like he is going to die when he talks. Sooooo sloooow.

I think Peter’s Pocket Handbook on Agile and Scrum is more than enough knowledge for project management, affordable, concise, and sweet.

The second course EEL 6935, however is unacceptable. The summer semester started yesterday, and there is still no information listed in the course. I am expected to pay over a thousand dollars for this course, and I am not seeing the value, already from day 1. Can you please tell me who is teaching this course so that I can contact them? Nowhere to be found.

In all honesty and due respect, there are courses on edX and Udemy that are FREE, and offer a lot more value than both of these classes. I am disappointed to re-enter academia and see this low level of quality, for such a high price. Listening to this first project management class, it is a slow drag. Although I may choose to drop my courses before the drop/add date, I just wanted to make this known, as USF should be held to a higher standard as a public university in the State of Florida.

There is an 8 week online course in Cybersecurity being offered at Harvard for a similar price, I’m sure there are a lot less barriers to entry, granted there is probably no financial aid.

So sad, very disappointed. I can’t waste my time and/or money with this sort of BS. Better education and value here in the PUB!


try Some (not all) good courses on there depending on the Teacher.