Cutomized bitcoin miner


Hii guys,

I’m looking for customized bitcoin miner with the following specifications.

15nm chips
100gh/s per chip
1.2k watt power
3 hashing board with oem

We are looking for 10000 pieces, can anyone help me in getting this specifications or suggest me some manufacturers who can do this ?


we can’t produce 10000 peices but can 2000 pieces, takes 2 weeks


Yes , sure . No prob. So how to proceed further. My mail is
And pls share your mail ID and whatsapp number to contact.


where are you located/


From honk Kong .you are from ?


australia…are you not able to find factory that can make this for you in hong kong or china?


I’m not that familiar with the manufacturers, no I didn’t ask. So can you deliver it to Hong Kong ? We can meet in Australia. That’s of no issues. Or else you can WhatsApp me @ +91 8050251593.
Because communication through this is hard. And if possible when can we meet or talk clearly for discussion?


can deliver to hong kong, but it is made in usa. but i think it would be too expensive and take a long time to reach you, if you order this many. i would suggest you order from your country. sorry, i do not have whatsapp.
let me know if you have further questions.


Fine. No manufacturers available for me in my country. Even if it takes time also no problem, but can you just let me know the price of the each piece including delivery and how to contact you directly, via Skype or phone anything.


hi, not sure if your getting my messages or not, but let me know what you think about the offer, otherwise i will have to allocate the hardware for other buyers


Hii, I didn’t get any message from you after my reply , what offer bro ?

Can you mail it to


Or share your mail ID, I will reply you . I’m interested in buying .


Hey , any update on machines and pricing.
Please call me at 918050251593,
Or mail at