Current ico sending out emails


Anyone get any information through email about the current ico and token sale. Just wondering what people are doing. I know Peter done an interview with Dan from ico. Seems promising. Not sure I have much cash to go into it strong but can DCA it when it comes to exchanges.


the current private sale is over, and they decided not to do an ico. instead they’re doing an airdrop, which you can sign up for on their website.

be careful, any email saying that they’re still doing an ico is a scam


This felt like a bait and switch to me. The airdrop email read

Our Airdrop will be taking sign-ups through February 21st. We’re really excited about the future of Current and your outpouring of support – our North Star is our community, and that is the primary reason we decided to give out millions of dollars worth of CRNC to best pollinate the ecosystem.

So I went through the signup but at the very end the only apparent way to receive tokens was by signing up friends.


Sorry it was the sign up email for earning tokens due to referrals not the ico.


The airdrop is such a piss off.

You need to earn referrals to receive tokens (you don’t get any for signing up). Whats worse, is that the people you try to refer don’t receive tokens either, unless they turn around and send out referrals as well.

It’s bad enough having to ask people to help you get free shit, but it’s completely ridiculous to ask them knowing they get nothing for it. The system basically only benefits people who are willing to spam their referral links with a complete disregard for who they’re spamming it to.

I’m all for Current, but this was a super sleezy move. :rage::rage::rage:


I was under the impression that you would get extra crnc for referrals. Are you saying you won’t get any airdropped unless you hit atleast level 1?



Unless I’m mistaken, and everyone else I know is as well (I’ve gotten 5+ people message me all bitching about the same thing).


The referral based airdrop makes this feel like some email chain bullshit. I’m not going to bog people down with garbage emails for a few tokens. I will spare myself the conversation of “what is this link you sent me?” and buy in if it seems like a worthwhile investment, but this is not a good start if you want to be taken seriously in my opinion.


Yeah, I’m not about to serve up friends and family on a marketing platter just to get some tokens for myself.


I just checked on the Telegram, the admin clarified that the Airdrop of $4 million of CRNC tokens is separate from the referrals, you can still get the airdrop without referring anyone. Referring people is optional to get additional tokens.


This was my understanding too. I’ve been watching the channel for weeks now, and they’re running Stage 1 (referral bonus) & Stage 2 (airdrop of $4m) at the same time. 94K members in Telegram now, so there should be a pretty wide spread of the 4m tokens. Hopefully it’ll produce decent trading volume when it hits an exchange.


Thanks for the update guys!

Some may be disappointed that they cancelled the ICO, the way they’re distributing the tokens, or even the way they’ve poorly communicated any of this. However at the end of the day, Current is entitled to do whatever they please. They don’t owe anyone anything. It’s their project, and we’re merely supporters and potential customers.

Regardless of how this airdrop plays out, I’m still looking forward to buying some once it hits exchanges.