Cryptoyum: search and navigation bar


i’m sure this isn’t a bug but a resolution issue, but i thought i would bring it up none the less.
i noticed just now on the stream that there is a nav bar on the left that i don’t see when i visit the site myself.

when i visit i don’t have that left nav bar and i suspect it is because i’m on a smallish laptop screen with 1366x768 resolution

would it be possible to implement the ability for users to stretch and resize the various panes so that i can see them all?


smallerize your web browswer zoom?


Doesn’t work for me either



if i zoom out to 90% it does appear. but 100% default settings it is unavailable

windows 10, chrome browser Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)


Using Chrome:

Go to the : bar @ upper right (customize and control Google Chrome)
Adjust Aspect until you see bar at left


i’m just saying. you’ll want a site to work properly using default settings :wink:


I got out of Chrome then rebooted Chrome. It worked afterwards for me


But there is no pull-to-resize adjustment of the topics and text panes (middle and right)


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