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Yeah. It’s going ballastic this app.


Wouldn’t suprise me this opens up 10 dollars then slowly down to a reasonable level. Given the infrastructure is their already. I use spotify and youtube allot and so as many ppl. Why not get paid for your time doing it. It’s simple but great idea. Plus they gave 2 big partnerships in the works. Hope its netflix.


I downloaded the app for my wife a couple of weeks ago and she loves the idea of getting paid.
10 dollars? :explopants:
What I am also expecting is they may get a famous person to mention the project like Katy Perry :smiley:


For this type of mega hype that sounds pretty feasible. There’s 90k followers in their telegram. Compare that to icon or bezant…


$10 for one of the best use-case for consumer adoption of crypto sounds reasonable indeed. The App is top 5 in a lot of countries around the world… Global FOMO please! :grinning:


Very rarely seen an ICO with a real product yet.
Let alone makes it to top free apps within a short period of time.
I am waiting for the Android app :smiley:


Global FOMO is already real. Need to make sure you tell your friends too.
If you see them on YouTube on Spotify, download the app for them :smiley:


Remember it was over 100k and they couldn’t add more then ppl found out it was all sold. So some drop off. It’s trending everywhere. If the apple app is that good imagine Android version. This is going to go ballstic.


My wife is usually pretty picky about apps.
She quiet likes the experience with this one.


BTW current search term is also trending in the Apple app store :slight_smile:



already have about 20 tokens


Wait till you see the Android App…


#1 In Australia Overall Top Free Apps!


This is going ballistic. Where my ticket to the Moon.


Do you mean this(just to be sure)?


looking forward to the when it hits the exchange.


this thread needs to be shilled more…its obvious the local pub shillers didnt get into current.


Any news on when it will hit exchanges?


token distribution will be end of June. assuming the tokens arent locked in a smart contract then it will list quickly