[CryptoPirate+ PATREON FIRST]: 1st EXCLUSIVE Interview with Dan Novaes CURRENT.US! - Changing the Content Game!



Wow. These guys are really breaking the mold and doing things right. Love it.


No ICO? No public sale? Knew we should have done the presale :frowning:


thanks for spreading the news, mate :+1:


Gutted there is no public sale for Current anymore!

Got to get on that airdrop and wait for exchanges. Shame all he whale were able to get on board and everyone else didn’t get the chance!


A few people got in on the sale. All good! Many fish in the sea!


I was one of the lucky ones to get into private sale.
Thank you so much Peter!
Pretty sure Peter will have another project in a while. Be patient and you will catch the next one :slight_smile:


nice one cat! i’m happy some of us got in there! :hulksmash:


Survive psychology again…


It says points can only be earned by referrals (upon registrating for the airdrop). I have to refer people in order to receive tokens? Seems like it from the feedback in the Telegram group


Thanks @peter for the heads-up on this one. I got in with a couple of others here too.


almost 62k members in TG already


getting ready for blast off :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Kim Dotcom is releasing his own content creator inspired coin soon. With his reach and marketing ability he would be a major competitor


You never know, though this type of application is prime for a super dominant market leader. Current already have a user base and working app. Will be an interesting space


More the better!! Step closer to that high adoption% we are all waiting on.


It’s been a while since this thread been active. But Guys Current.us is making waves in the trending apps.

It’s one of the top trending app in the USA. Korea number 2 Hong Kong number 1. Australia top 3. Brazil top 3 and Mexico top 5.

Go Current.Us. Big Bucks.

@peter thanks again for bringing this great project to us.



So excited for this one! Looks like when the Tokens are issued, the apps will already be on many peoples phones, assuming they’re good on their promise that the Android app will be released end of June. Hopefully CRNC real world use case will be realised straight out of the starting line, unlike many other ICO and coins.


Man. I’m getting my seat to the moon for this.



I love this platform.
Thank you @peter again for heads up ahead of everyone else in the crypto world!
Top trending app in the USA & Australia & Hong Kong! That’s just amazing.