[CryptoPirate+ PATREON FIRST]: 1st EXCLUSIVE Interview with Dan Novaes CURRENT.US! - Changing the Content Game!



i’ve upgraded to Pirate status yo!!!


Unfortunately our Perth, Australian in house pub private pool did not go through, current advised that they are suspending private sale as they have recieved enough interest…mega shame, we are still on the waiting list…so fingers crossed.


Holding the expensive vitalik bags I bought for the private sale(which got suspended) :smiley:


I still have hope…@peter can you use your connection with Dan to help us out brother? get us into the private sale :smiley:


It took me a second to notice it was Vitaliks face :joy:


It’s all closed off now. Gotta wait for the public sale.


Yeh, we have been put onto some sort of waiting list in the hope that a bunch of people drop out…faint hope.


0,24$??? Better buy some Trinity token at the current price and gain 100x easily in a year.


Can you add me please?


Good news guys. Dan just emailed me back and confirmed that the ICO is open to Canadian residents. Not sure why, but a lot of ICOs have been blocked here recently, so it’s great to hear that this one is open.


Here’s a quick heads-up for you guys that are still interested in this for the upcoming presale or public sale

Whitelisting will begin no later than february 25th!

Dan Novaes himself also said on their telegram that their goal is to have more informations out until tuesday, february 6th, regarding the presale.

Here’s the link to the medium article


Appreciate the heads up!


Current Token Sale Update :raised_hands:
To our amazing community of Current and CRNC supporters,

Words cannot express how thrilled we are at the response we have received for Current. As an entrepreneur, you work tirelessly for something bigger than just yourself. Something you believe in and when you see so many people who share your vision, well, there are no words to describe it. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for the love, support, questions, comments, and all of the support that falls in between. My team and I are humbled and feel so incredibly blessed to bring this vision to life!

We have had to make some modifications to our dates in order to accommodate the extraordinary amount of interest we are receiving. To put things in perspective, we have already received well over 100,000 people who have expressed interest to participate in the token sale and it grows by several thousand each day. We would love to accommodate as many as possible in a fair and equitable way and therefore are pushing back our whitelist process to no later than Feb 25. We just want to ensure we can accommodate the scale of interest with the proper resources.

We believe Current belongs in the hands of everyone in the world and we believe everyone should have the ability to participate in a meaningful way. We have some really big plans for the community that we think you will love. We will be making additional announcements in the next week or so — we are taking the next few days to come up with the best solution to accommodate the demand. In the meantime, feel free to send over any questions. As always, my team and I are here for you 24 hours a day.


Been a busy week for me at work, and haven’t seen this thread. If there are still any private threads working on bring involved in the presale etc can I please join? :blush:


This is a patreon only thread. Since we’ve posted this public, I moved this thread behind the wall.


Sounds like this project will be lucky to make it to the ICO stage without being fully backed, fomo x1000 :joy:


Lots of fomo here. I very much enjoyed my chat with him.


Sorry. Just updated the first post to include the video. :slight_smile:


Hello @Peter

I’m sorry I’m new to Patreon. I’m still learning how to use it, how do I find the thread?

Thanks Josh


Click on posts. And you’ll find all the older posts!