#CRYPTONATION in the NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 Let's get together?



Since there’s no country-specific thread for the #cryptonauts in the Netherlands yet, hereby I’d like to start up a local #cryptonation community here in the Netherlands.

I already know that @Bobbify and @proxitech are from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. It’s so great to have already spoken to you guys.

Fellow Nederlanders, please holla so maybe we can organise a meet-up “uitje” session together for some “gezelligheid”!


im up for that. Let’s do it. Ergens centraal :grin:


Goed plan! Hier uit Gouda!


Het hoge noorden is ook aanwezig💪 Er gaat niets boven groningen😁


Ik join ook… Zaanstad. Nice to meet you all. Greetzz


Laten we het gewoon de Benelux groep noemen? #Belgium :wink:


Een vos verliest wel zijn haren maar niet zijn streken.



goedemorgen vanuit haarlem


Dutch meet-up?!?! Greetings from Amsterdam, en soon verhuizen naar Haarlem!


Amsterdam hier :doge:


Noord Zweden hier, meetup gaat em niet worden, maar succes :slight_smile:


Can’t blame you for wanting to be in with the Dutch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


welkom alvast haha :raising_hand_man:


Thanks Haarlem de gekstuuuu


Suuuper gezellig, guys! First thing first, let’s agree on a location where we all can travel to without so much troubles. :+1:
At the moment, I’ve picked the most central cities. Please feel free to suggest another if you don’t prefer any of these! :grin:

  • Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam
  • Den Haag
  • Utrecht

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I mean, I’m not from the Netherlands but if you meet up in Amsterdam I might just go. haha
Good luck with the meet up.


The more the merrier! Where are you from then? :smiley:


Ik kom af. Nog leuker dan Linkedin :slight_smile:

En super idee man… der zijn hier blijkbaar nog meer NL mensen.



Phoenix, Arizona USA


Wow!! All the way from there to Amsterdam to meet us? I can feel some real love there, man! Respect