Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis


WAVES/BTC Technical Analysis 03.08.2018

The weekend has arrived, and the crypto market reported a critical setback led by Bitcoin which lost more than 4% in what seemed to be the beginning of an uptrend, the break was false, and therefore the price fell again, this caused the Altcoins market to fall sharply, and Waves was no exception.

During the beginning of Friday, the Waves price moved below € 1.55, which reports a percentage loss of -21.37%. Never in the history of Waves had seen such a sharp drop in the price, this budget alerts investors of this cryptocurrency, however, opens a possibility of buying at a price like never before.


  • RSI below 30% indicating oversold
  • Waves fall at a price never seen before
  • Possible purchase at a price never seen before

WAVES/BTC pair moves in a bearish channel, at the time of writing this analysis the price of Wave is trading below 0.0002412 satoshis (€1.55) we see no intention to recover the bullish course, so a buy below of 0.00016 (€1) is a good option.

As we can see in the chart, the price moves under a bearish channel. Waves cannot find a bounce that leads to new highs, in fact, if we see the graph in weekly periods we can appreciate the steady fall in price. The most important thing here is to bear in mind that Waves achieved a robust recovery of 49% last April after the price fell to 0.0005101 satoshis (€3.23) therefore a purchase below €1 is highly attractive.

Currently, the price is below the Fibonacci retracement of 17.60% touching minimum prices. With a possible bounce scenario at € 110 - €0.98. While the resistance is at €1.87.

Technical indicators

  • Major price support €0.98
  • Major price resistance €1.87
  • RSI (Relative outside index) 14%
  • EMA (Exponential Mobile Media) 200

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BTC/EUR Technical Analysis 06.08.2018

The trading day has started and the price of Bitcoin is under a lot of pressure from sellers, its price remains below € 6100 losing strength against the euro and all other fiat currencies.

The pair BTC/EUR tried to recover last Sunday, with a slight increase of 2%; however, the strength of the bears managed to bring the price back to minimums. At this moment, the price is lateralized and continues to drive the crossing of moving averages towards a bearish area.


  • The RSI fails to break 50%
  • Lateralized price in the last hours
  • The BTC / EUR pair moves towards a bearish area

The BTC / EUR pair remains lateralized with a strong downward tilt; this can be seen in the one-day chart, Bitcoin has fallen rapidly looking for the EMA9 and EMA26 moving average cross.

By traversing a retracement of Fibonacci from its lowest point until the last bullish session, we can see how the price is below 78.60%, which indicates that following the Bitcoin trend could go to touch the € 5217, which is historical support important. On the other hand, Bitcoin has a resistance to expire immediately this in the € 6500 if you want to go to recover value.

Technical indicators

  • RSI (Relative strength index) to 45%
  • Higher price support € 5217
  • Greater price resistance € 6500
  • Cross of moving averages EMA9 and EMA26
  • EMA (exponential moving average) 200 observations

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ETC/EUR Technical Analysis 07.08.2018

Today on the trading session Bitcoin (BTC) continues to fall losing 1.90% in the last 24 hours. But among all the Altcoins Ethereum Classic is reporting a gain of more than 7% raising the price above €16.24.

Analyzing the price, we can see how the session has had a good bullish rally since last Friday. At this moment the pair ETC/EUR is at a point of profit taking, we can validate it by the pullback that has had the price, although it continues in an uptrend.


  • ETC / EUR is still in a bullish rally
  • RSI remains at 60% after touching an overbought
  • The price still does not touch the fast moving average

The pair remains in a bullish zone, however, you have to be careful since buying at this point can be risky due to the profit taking that most investors are making.

The price remains above the Fibonacci retracement level of 38.20%. A sizeable bearish candle indicates the profit is taking at that point. At this moment for those who want to acquire Ethereum Classic, it is best to wait for the price to find support after this strong movement. Current support of the ETH / EUR pair is at €15.

Keep in mind that in addition to long trading opportunity, the price also offers the possibility of short entries after touching the maximum price; we must be watching to the pullback.

Technical indicators

  • Larger price support € 15
  • Higher price resistance € 18
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index) over 60%
  • Crossing EMA 9/26 continues upwards
  • EMA (Average Mobile Exponential) 200 observations

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ETH/EUR Technical Analysis 09.08.2018

During today trading session Ethereum price reports an increase by positioning the price above €313.55 however the price is still in the red number losing 2.46%.

Looking at the 4-hour chart, we see how the price has started a rebound in €300 euros, showing two recovery candles in the last hours. The pair is still under the bearish trend so we should wait for the next move to determine if the price decides to start a bullish rally or if it again breaks down.


  • The value moves based on the Bitcoin
  • Ethereum seems to find support at € 300
  • The ETH / EUR pair still under the bearish trend

ETH/EUR pair moves based on the Bitcoin advance, the influence of the ETFs has a strong impact on the Altcoin. However, it seems that after an oversold the price wants to start recovery.

By traversing a Fibonacci towards its last higher movement we see how the price stays below 78.60%, so a significant resistance is at €325. The Ethereum below €400 is a great buying opportunity for many investors, taking into account their highs of more than €1000 at the beginning of 2018.

The next few hours will be crucial to determine if the price of the Ethereum manages to start a new upward movement, after having reached a minimum price. At present all the attention is focused on the ETFs waiting for the SEC to pronounce itself in a positive manner allowing its entry into the world of crypto actives which has created high speculation of the price in general.

Technical indicators

  • Major Price Support € 300
  • Major Price Resistance € 325
  • RSI (relative strength index) to 26% bearish
  • EMA (Average Moving Exponential) 200 periods

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These are interesting to read through. What are the chances we could convince you to do longer time horizons so that people can understand the long-term trajectory?

I ask because I would use them as references, and if they are longer time horizons, they would have a much longer shelf life. People would be able to come back and reference them for more than 24 hours.

Just a thought!

Whatever you decide to do, just don’t stop. These are good!


Thank you for the suggestions. I think about adding daily analysis in USD.


BTC/EUR Technical Analysis 13.08.2018

Today’s trading session is under much uncertainty in the market; the Bitcoin price continues lateralized above €5600 after recovering a 1.11% in the last 24 hours.

The price moves away from the €5300 area in a slow but progressive way, largely the lateralization of the price is due to investors speculating on the price that Bitcoin could reach if the ETFs are accepted.


  • Bitcoin reports a slight recovery of 6% from its minimum
  • The issue of ETFs continues to be the point of speculation
  • The BTC/EUR pair tries to break the EMA cross on the upside

Analyzing the 1-day chart of the BTC/EUR pair we can observe a slight recovery of the price of the BTC against the US dollar, the price is close to touching the fast moving average of 26 periods.

Based on the channel Donchian we see how the price touched a side of the channel, then the price starts a slight recovery so we can categorize this movement as a possible change in the medium term, leading Bitcoin to a new bullish rally.

Drawing a Fibonacci taking as reference the highest point of the last wave, we see how the price stays below 23.60%, so Bitcoin needs to break at least 38.20% to attract the attention of more buyers. BTC/EUR pair finds €5300 as main support and €5750 as the main resistance. The RSI moves to 40% increased slowly but steadily.

Technical indicators

  • Main price support €5300
  • Greater price resistance €5750
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index) at 40%
  • Crossing EMA 9/26 continues bearish
  • EMA (Exponential Moving Average) 200 periods

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ETH/EUR Technical Analysis 14.08.2018

A new trading session has started. Ethereum price is touching new lows in this 2018. The Ether reports a loss of more than 15% which sends the price to a trading area below €250.

Looking at the one-day chart, we can see how the price of the Ethereum has fallen sharply against the euro, a fall that triggers alarm among investors allowing the bears to take control of the session.


  • Ethereum falls below €250
  • Altcoins, in general, are losing value
  • After the crossing of moving averages, the price does not recover

ETH/EUR pair places the Ethereum in an active sales area which has not stopped since the crossing of moving averages EMA 9/26 in the €392. This fall represents an opportunity for those who were expecting a low price to buy and hold.

Drawing a Fibonacci since its last bullish momentum, we can see how the price has moved downward quickly causing the price to remain below 23.60% of the Fibonacci retracement. On the other hand, the RSI is in an oversold area so the price could bounce back in the next few hours.

Ethereum has a difficult path to reach the €1000. While we look at the price, we can see how the downward trend is moving away from the fast moving average, so a stronger fall in the Ethereum price is completely acceptable and possible. At this moment uncertainty takes over the market so investors who trade short should be cautious with these practices in bear markets and instability.

Technical indicators

  • EMA 200 periods
  • Crossing EMA 9/26
  • Major price support € 200
  • Major price resistance € 290

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XRP/EUR Technical Analysis 16.08.2018

Thursday trading day has started while Bitcoin price moves below €5600 a week complicated with a lot of bearish pressure. However, our focus today is the XRP which has reported a significant price crash, so much so that it trades below €0.25 a fairly low number compared to the highs of the beginning of 2018.

From the fundamental analysis one of the main factors that have most impacted the Ripple price (XRP) has been the Bitcoin ETFs and the three lawsuits against Ripple Labs, the company behind the XRP token.


  • A low volume of buyers hinders progress
  • The RSI moves below 40%, which is a bearish zone
  • The XRP / EUR pair away from the EMA 200 trend line

Analyzing the XRP/EUR pair in a one-day chart, we can see how the value trades below the Fibonacci retracement point of 23.60%, taking as reference the maximum reached during the April 24 session.

At this time the pair XRP/EUR has a resistance at €0.35 which needs to break successfully if it wants to go looking for a bullish hold, on the other hand the most obvious support is at €0.15 a level which we hope will not reach touch the XRP.

XRP has suffered from a strong devaluation in the last three months; the fall does not manage to find a floor that allows a recovery in the price. The fact that some of Ripple Labs’ products don’t depend on the XRP to operate, makes the token unattractive to investors. We could probably see a momentary bullish trend on XRP price during next month session, since ETF proposal will be mentioned by SEC on September 30

Technical indicators

  • RSI below 40%
  • Higher price resistance € 0.35
  • Greater support of the price € 0.15
  • EMA 200 marking a downward trend

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