Cryptocurrency Exit Strategy - (ICX & other coins) Do you have an exit strategy?



Hey @Siggy firstly, thanks SO much for creating this thread. Out of all the threads, this one I’ve found the most enthralling, intimate and valuable. I don’t yet have an exit strategy for ICX and I need! This thread will help me and I’ve cut and paste lots of wisdom into crib sheet for me to help formulate.

My goal is to get a deposit for a house. ICX $100 will about do it. I live in Sydney and house prices are insane, and continually rising, so it’d be great to get into the market, then start afresh DCA with goal to pay it all off in 5 or 10 years of wise crypto play.

So, did where did you end up re you exit strat? Don’t mean to pry but really curious to see where you landed in the end.

Again, thanks for a brilliant and really valuable thread.