Crypto Trading in South Africa


@ZuluCryptoSurfer I remember you from back in the day i reckon, and your sis!
@gar7on @CryptoNinja howzit
We should do a crypto meet up. I run a restaurant so we can use the space
I also started a whats app group for a me and few mates that I’ve managed to turn. Crypto Mo Fo’s if any one wants in Holla!


Howzit guys, another durbanite here. Glad to be on-board!


@CryptoAfrica Jambo! If you’re in Kenya, you can checkout and pay via mpesa


Spot On Jay

Crypto meet sounds good .Let me know when your next meet is and i will be there.



So i am a couple days away from my own mining operation becoming operational, starting off with 3 x 6gb GTX1060`s and see what this mining coins is all about. It isnt cheap to start this up so its money that could have been spent on BTC a whole R25000 to get something small started, anybody else mining in Durban ?


SKYMAMBA what cracking bruvva , welcome good to have you here .


Have you guys heard of patrice motsepe’s new company called AFRICAN RAINBOW CAPITAL? (ARC)… think the ipo is going to go live soon… think shares are like R8.50 each and they going to raise like R4 billion or something…any thoughts?


I’ve heard of the company but I had no idea they were launching an IPO.
Don’t think I will be investing though regardless


Hows the mining going @ZuluCryptoSurfer


these local ipos are more like $h!tcoins hey… i invested in that sasol inzalo shares a couple of years ago… >> crapy returns and if you want to sell them then u have to sell them to bee persons or some crap… really dumb


Not too bad bro, getting 49mhs from my rig and waiting for 2 more GPUs to arrive :slight_smile: Should be getting almost 100mhs soon. Building up my BTC one day at a time #MooooooooooN


Hi fellow South Africans,

I thought this might be an interesting read (if you haven’t seen it yet):

Any thoughts?



You can take a horse to water but you cant make it drink I am a SA citizen and thats all Hogwash, the thing is there is nowhere to spend your crypto, nowhere. PicknPay accepting bitcoin will never work, transactions are too expensive and they take too long, so standing in the queue could get time consuming just waiting for your transaction to go through.
The only way its going to take off is by WORD OF MOUTH . Getting together with fellow cryptonites and spreading the word.
Besides our government is not the most intelectual and trustworthy why would they want blockchain technology when they are running rampant and blatant corruption among state owned enterprises.
Blockchain will fix this , hopefully in our lifetime we will see some change for the better


i have a question… so you know one would normally pay tax on the salary they get from a company right,which i totally understand its for the so called benefit of the country (Aka Mr Jz and his homeboys)… but what i dont understand is if you have a side business… why do you have to pay tax on that also? i mean if you make an extra 10k a month from that then you are taxed on that at most likely a higher tax rate than your normal salary tax… why? for what? why is this a regulation?? anyone who gets a bonus would understand this frustration… any insight on this Hor$ehit?


i was hoping you had an answer for me @ZuluCryptoSurfer lol


Whatsup my fellow South Africans!!

Broadcasting all the way from BELLVILLE!

Good to see you all on here.

My top tip of the day is to buy into Metaverse (ETP) as soon as you can. Expecting a mooning within the next week! Actually should’ve spread the word yesterday when I bought in at around $2.80 but only found this thread now. Anyway, I bought some more at $4.90 and expecting it to at least hit $10.

Do with that info what you want but I’ll see you all on the other side!


I did drop some info and links on this (ETP) in a Metaverse thread so you can search that.

Can we get this thread going???

Would love to hear what everyone is invested in and start sharing some golden info!


Hi Gideon,

ETP het klaar redelik baie geklim.
Het die trein gemis toe dit +/-$1.34 was…dink ek gaan eerder terughou op die ene!!!
Shot vir die tip

  • Brackenfell


Ek dink nie die trein is gemis nie, maar dis beter dat jy net invest waarmee jy gemaklik is :+1: