Crypto Trading in South Africa


Ive seen a couple of people in south africa that watch the vids! Thought this would be a good place to connect!

Drop a note if you from South Africa!


Howzit Bru. From KZN ! How about you ?


Life is lekker here in Boston! Wifey from Pretoria…we are getting her fam back home trading their R for Bitcoin.


From Johannesburg bro! Good seeing a couple of locals here!!


the R is taking a beating at the moment with the $ price… when you exchange to $ everything is divided by 14! crazy stuff! you have to have alot of money invested for that moonshot!


Moved this to country specific thread.


Howzit Okes! Durban boy here


Had this same talk with the wife…but, the real question is,
“Would you rather have devaluing Rands, or bitcoins which are gaining value?”

Buying bitcoin with the Rand at 1USD:R14 is still better than buying bitcoin at $1USD:R16.
As long as you have discretionary money, investing in Bitcoin will always come out better if done sooner than later.

And relatively speaking, if it does go up, you can cash out for even more R than you started with when fiat is needed.


Hey Peeps!

Very new to the trading scene and also from SA PTA

Got in with the BCCash hype…



@cryptoBrad Ja, def a double edged sword, so much of rands needed for a bitcoin, but so much ROI when the time comes.

I hope that a few strategic alt coin investments may raise my Dollar playing abilities and once I have a nice level of support i won’t need to worry what the rand is doing as have made Dollar gains and hopefully more strategic investing will follow

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Hey guys whats up ! CryptoAfrica here from Kenya !! It’s awesome to see this growing community.


Question: What’s the easiest way for you guys to buy Bitcoin in South Africa ? I’m having a hard time getting verified from a few exchanges. I have the cash to invest but no one wants to sell be Bitcoins!! :confounded:


@CryptoAfrica I’m in US, but here are a few from a quick scour:

I’m sure there are more, but get rid of those R! Get you some BTC FTW! :raised_hands:


Thanks dude! will check out the links.


My first purchase was on Local, but now i use Luno and my deposits reflect in10 minutes (first time took a few days) will check out the others, tanks @cryptoBrad


Hi to All. I am from Pretoria. :sunglasses:


Also using Luno & Bittrex to trade. Anyone mining successfully at the moment ?


Fellow south african from Cape Town!

Also using Luno and mostly Bittrex.


Hey Guys , I am from Durban been involved in the space for about 6months and its been fast and almost surreal.
I see plenty guys from Durban on this thread, Hold your BTC & LTC and buy more right now if you can .

I usually deposit into either Luno or Ice3x and then send through to a Bittrex wallet where i trade from


Hey bru. Also in durban! Mainly just use Luno