Crypto trading in Australia!


I think the TenX card would be good too. But then I wonder about the following

  1. I probably prefer to hold my crypto and spend fiat
  2. Spot prices of the crypto fluctuating


So who can I get a ledger nano s through the quickest…?? Any help would be much appreciated.


The fee on BTC Markets has dropped to 0.65% for purchases of crypto using direct bank transfer (the bank transfer is free), much better than using POLI. I just transferred $1000 bucks to buy some LTC, bank transfer took around 30mins using Westpac bank.

Is anyone here in Perth willing to go in on a Multi-Pack of Trezor Wallets? I have one friend wanting one and I want an extra, but the multi-pack is 3 wallets. Check out the website to see the offer, it’s a nice discount and we can split the DHL costs.


How to setup bank transfer?


Yeh ill go in with you mate. Send me a PM with details


Just a security tip if you are buying a hardware wallet from someone else, make sure the package is not opened or tempered with! It needs to be original packaging… You don’t want your coins to disappear after sometime.


Yes, you are right. I intend on purchasing the multipack first and will agree the price, which will be at cost (taking into account exchange rates from Euros to AUD, postage by DHL and credit card fee). I will buy the pack first and then meet up in person in Perth CBD to let the buyer inspect the packaging before getting paid in cash or Litecoin.


Once you are registered and verified, send them a message on Facebook asking for them to activate bank transfer, make sure to include the email you registered with!


I sent a support ticket would that be good enough?


how much did u spend before it dropped to 0.65? must be a lot:stuck_out_tongue:

Bank transfer won’t be the reason you’re getting such a good rate I assume.


LOL. Yeah, it was a lot. I’ve gone all in. I don’t believe in saving FIAT, other than to buy my groceries and pay my bills.


Unfortuantly not, I did that and they directed me to sending them a Facebook private Message


I had some trouble too with BTC markets. They are really slow to respond. Just be patient and polite :slight_smile:


Any of you familiar with this:

I have yet to use it, but know people that have.


looks interesting, the question is it legit?


I believe it is legit yes.


As the livingroomofsatoshi claims not to charge any fees, as a test I sent AUD$30 of LTC from my Exodus wallet to my bank account using their services.

What ive discovered.

AUD$30 of LTC was the minimum i could send(not a criticism).

AUD$30 on their site at the time equated to 0.3149 LTC.

0.3149 LTC on Exodus equated to AUD$32.45.

Including an Exodus fee of 0.002157 the total to send AUD$30 to my bank account cost AUD$32.52, 8.4% over the principal amount.

I was hoping that i could use their services to temporarily shift my coins in an affordable way to my bank account over the downward doge weekends, but given the cost and the fact that they only operate during normal office hours, and with all transactions taking up to two working days, if one were to shift their coins to their bank account on a friday evening they may not get deposited until Tuesday afternoon. Not a viable option.

As an experiment I then entered last months telstra bill of $135.40, on their site this equates to 1.4366 LTC.

To get the present price of LTC I divided the dollar value of LTC by the total LTC in my wallet which equates to a price of AUD$99.39/LTC

Multiplying 99.39 by 1.4366 = AUD$142.78.

142.78/135.4 = 1.0545 = 5.45% extra and thats before adding Exodus’s small fee.

Am i missing something?


@GlobalLocal - I was about to ask the same question here - I like the look of the nano s. Have you had any luck?


That’s a great piece of investigative work you’ve done there. So based on what you’ve done it appears it’s not economical to pay bills that way yet.


im hoping ive ballsed up somewhere because i got really excited by their no fees claim as well as the multitude of alt coins they accept, im aware that theyre not going to do this for free but it may be a good way of making tangible use of some gains in the crypto market i.e. paying bills with whatever altcoin has performed well that particular week. Maybe you could double check by doing an experiment of your own.