Crypto trading in Australia!


Yay, Perth!! Living in the best place to escape the coming nuclear apocalypse (joking!).


Hey, I’m Perth based.


Perth here aswell :v:t3:


Any Brisbane peeps in here?!


The Mighty WOLLONGONG !!!


Does anyone know the exact amount you have to buy on coinbase for it to automatically increase your buy limit? I’ve attempted to send them a request but have not heard anything in return.


Sunshine Coast… Too many traffic lights in Brisbane…!!


I just found out about these guys - based in Brisbane.
2% fee for BTC purchases. Good if you want to buy and HODL.


Coinbase increased my weekly limit from $300 to $500 after a month of buying $300 weekly. But I have stopped buying now at after seeing my credit card bill, there attractive rate doesn’t look too attractive after applying fees.


BTC Markets guys, offers bank transfer for no fee, and only has a 0.85% fee on purchases


Hi Globa
Is good rank? I used to transfer from Independent Serve. Coinbase too slow. Tq.


Second this, I’ve moved here and after about $300 they reduce 0.85 to 0.83 and I assume will continue to do so as you buy more.

Coinbase is 4% fee but what you don’t see until you login to your bank account is the additional conversion/international fee.


Coinspot fee are insanely high. I wrote them a letter stating their customers are talking about this and said their going to lose them to other sites if they don’t do anything. Gave it a shot see what they say, as long as the seeds planted,


Everyone else with experience at ?


I was thinking of doing the same, good onya for taking the initiative, but i dont doubt for one second that someone from Coinspot reads these comments.


I think 1-2 days but please don’t quote me. I’m not sure how they compare to coinspot. But I’m sure they’re cheaper… I forget to be honest as I’m madly typing this in between work etc…


If BTC markets is offering 0.85% fee though… Hard to go past…!!!


I currently use Coinjar, is ‘BTC markets’ cheaper?


I just enter through BTCmarkets and forward to polo bittrex bitfinnex binance hitbtc etc etc trading in and out of my trezor or nano s wallet. I haven’t cashed any out yet but when I do I will exit through BTCmarkets again. I think it’s a 20k a day limit.


For anybody thinking about getting CoinJar’s Swipe card: I got mine a few months ago, and I’ve found it not very useful. I guess I partly have myself to blame for not fully researching how it works. For me, these are the major problems with it:

  1. You need to pre-load the card with AUD. It doesn’t connect live to your BTC balance.
  2. It’s basically an EFTPOS card, not VISA or Mastercard. It also doesn’t have a chip or RFID, so you can only use it in swipe machines (and not online).
  3. I haven’t found a way to take money out of the card and back into my BTC balance. So I currently have a small balance sitting there in AUD, which is pretty much useless to me as I’m currently overseas.

I’m not saying the card is useless, but if you were hoping (like I was) that you could use this for making all kinds of purchases easily with your BTC, then you’ll be disappointed.

I’m now patiently waiting for TenX to issue me a card :slight_smile: