Crypto trading in Australia!


You ask BTC markets on Facebook… Send them a message.


Thought I just shared this chat message I found from CBA on POLi payments -


yeah i got out 1600 the other day when the exchange was really high.


Guys one thing I just realised…

Your bank will likely charge you conversion / international fees. I just realised they amount to about 1-2%…so buying from Coinbase is really 4%+~2% in total…wow…definitely need to get bank transfers as an option from BTCmarkets.


So i’ve just got Bank transfer enabled, I’m a little confused on how they want it.
Is it though B-pay or Pay-anyone,
I’m with ANZ if anyone has got some help or experience with it would be awesome


I’ve spent the last two evenings setting up and validating my accounts to start trading (just moved house, so some public records don’t match up yet). Finally at the point of trying to deposit AUD on BTC Markets, but low and behold I’m with ANZ! I’m transferring money to a mate who’s with Commonwealth so that I can get started, and going to open an account with them purely for my new Crypto hobby. Such a mission! Never thought it would be this hard to “hand over my money”.


Hey Guys! I’m based in Melbourne too! I have been using and so far so good! Cheers


They emailed me to send them a message on FB messenger, did that and they just don’t respond…seriously these guys are frustrating as hell.

And they don’t accept some big banks…cmon now.


you must be in Tasmania, you cant give money away here.


Hi guys…

Hello from the gong…

im a newbie but for what its worth this is what i have found thus far.

Coinbase is good for short notice buys. Yes there’s a 300 buck limit but this increases automatically once you start buying. I’m up to a $2k weekly limit after 3 or so weeks.

I found Coinjar to be pretty good.

You can BPAY coin across with a flat 1% fee, though there is a spread between buying and selling. CON: can only by Bitcoin (is that really that Bad?)

Enjoy the ride… to the mooooooooooooooon!


I got finally got access today to bank transfers, did take 4-5 days though!

Pretty sure bank transfer they will accept all, it’s just POLi doesn’t accept all


hey JesseBER

i’m living in Australia right now i and did download Exodus wallet.
i am not currently using it tho,
also i’m not using coinbase, i use bittrex and Bitfinex.



Hey Marcio, welcome to the pub, I’m in Melbourne too! i’ve been mad about crypto, it’s only been a few months. how bout you? We should get all the Melbourne members for a meet up or get together.


I’m in QLD too. Just been buying through Coinbase ($500 limit) then transferring to Bittrex.
I’ll be waiting for a TENX card before trying to get any money out as it is only for purchases anyway.
I remember watching BTC at $30 but was all about physical metals… :confused: Playing catch up…!!
Buying is only going to get cheaper as popularity rises…


Just found that I couldnt transfer my XRP from Coinspot to an online exchange like bittrex. is that the same for every coin on Coinspot?


Not sure about other coins, i did transfer my Neo to Bittrex


Hey CryptoReg,

That’s a really good idea man! I came to this market just a few months ago… I have a long way ahead to learn too! But things is going smoothly well so far.


This is Subin, I wanted to know which one should I use to hold cryptocurrency Coinbase or Coinspot. Cause the thing is I am currently in Australia. Could you tell me which one should I use?
Thank you.



if you want to buy/trade then id research the differences in buying/trading fees between coinbase and coinspot, as well as ease and speed of trading, depositing and withdrawing funds.

Id personally connect exchanges, wallets and a bank account in such a way that its as easy as possible to cash out with the least waiting time and with the least limitations on how much id want to cash out. For me Coinspot, although it has higher fees than most, has been secure, trustworthy and the staff respond to all inquiries, i have also done trades over $5000 in one day without any problems. Depositing funds directly from an Australian bank account into Coinspot only takes one minute, withdrawing funds is somewhat slower as they only do bank deposits twice per week. With Coinspot, purchasing ‘coins’ takes no more than two minutes to process. Im trying to answer your question in such a way so that it doesnt appear to be a Coinspot vs Coinbase argument as ive never used their platform. Im just telling you what i know based upon what ive used. I hope this helps.


Anyone here live in Perth?