Crypto trading in Australia!


OK Aussies, lets mix it up a little instead of creating a new thread. What will or are you using to withdraw or spend your cryptos??? Cant use coinbase debit card, heard bitpay have horrible fee’s looking for something not too expensive to use for spending cryptos, I know that kind of defeats the purpose of investing in them, but sometimes you need some money or need to buy something. Was thinking of getting one of those coin jar cards, anyone got one?


Hi J_D,

I’m not planning on spending my BTC, ETH or LTC anytime soon, I’m still accumulating and waiting for the rocket ship to take off. I might get one of those CoinJar debit cards in the future but would like to wait and see if the TenX cards might be a better option once they’ve scaled up for mass usage.

Ultimately, I’m not planning on going back to fiat currency with my holdings in crypto. I’m in it for the long haul. Aussie dollars for day-to-day spending and crypto for retirement (or alt superannuation) and setting my kids up for the future.




The tenx card should solve this !


I am very new to this crypto trading thing so I just thought I would like to suggest COINSPOT in Melbourne aust to purchase, sell/ buy coins. It is a really easy platform to move around and they have about 30 odd coins to invest in. Transactions are super fast and reliable. The only drawback is the fees are a touch high, say about $7 per $500 traded, no big deal really if you don’t day trade . Deposits are instant by Poli and in AUD.from any bank account once you are verified Signing up is an easy process and takes same/ next day to get started. _they have dual encryption to log in and wallets to hold your coins, you can withdraw etc whenever you want. Definitely worth a look guys. NOT for day traders, buy and HODL is the key here, they also have an affiliate program to reward users and friends.if you sign up use my code Hope to see you in there. Feel free to message me with any questions…cheers , and to the moon …


BTCMarkets is much better. You can adjust the buy/sell order.
Coinjar does not provide that(the buy price is usually $100 higher than btcmarkets).


COINSPOT has many more coins than BTC and I buy and hold. And they have a 10 k daily limit which might come in handy. If I was day trading my coins I would go somewhere else but for the acces to newly released coins it’s a winner in my book.


Fees are only 0.8% with BTC markets(&decreasing)…


I want the latest and newest cryptos, an extra 5 bucks here or there isn’t a concern. Being able to buy $3 k of OMG today in about 30 secs on peters recommendation is more important to me … more than paid for any fees


Does BTC markets support neo?


Yo, just wanted to say Hi from Melb and add my 2c.

Currently I am split diversely between physical mining with Bitmain products and Trading from an outtake of profit now I’ve passed my roi a long time back with new stock coming (hype) but I want to put my head into trading a lot more now.

Coinbase was the first platform I used as I was really into interested in BTC and Eth though. I believe they have just added Dash so I will use them again if their fees drop but expensive to send exchange, also remember no withdrawal for Australians yet.

Buying through Coinspot was a positive experience and I’d recommend, again fees kill me haha.

I’ve been wanting too test for withdrawals and have called them and physically gone to their office to see if they’re legit (I’m pretty skeptical of most places) if anyone has some feedback that’d be great.

Trading on GDAX as it was linked with a vendor above and now checking into Bitfinex/Bittrex :blush:

Hope you guys are enjoying the ride!




Coinspot is what i used at first. But the fees are way to high. plus the Ausie dollar amount you pay is like $300-500 above the US prices. I just got verified with Kraken. So sent a money order to them looks a lot cheaper.


Hello users…

How do you do a direct debit instead of polipay ?

It has the following on the deposit page.

We are sorry but POLi no longer supports ING Direct bank accounts. Please use direct deposit if you wish to deposit from your ING Direct account.

But there does not seem to be any info on how to do the direct deposit.



I use coinjar at the moment and send to Bittrex for most of my altcoin purchasing. I’m using coinjar mainly because I was first introduced to it from a friend that bought Bitcoin when it was $600 thought that was expensive at the time…lucky for him!


Ok im from Queensland, havent read every single reply but I have looked into the best and most cost effective way to buy into the crypto world from australia for a while and this is how i do it.

  1. Buy through Coinbase.
    Yes even though they have crazy fees it still works out way cheaper than coinjar, (coinjar have the worst spread/live pricing even though fees are low) or any other payment method that ive found so far. This is mainly because their spread is very tight and represents a “live” price. Also you can easily setup with your card account and increase limit to your account.

  2. Once you have purchased through Coinbase its pretty easy to transfer funds to use most exchanges/hot/cold wallets.
    I use Exodus to store most of my funds that I intend to move about simply because its very user friendly, reasonably secure and integrates shapeshift to instantly convert into other crypto within the app.

  3. Whatever you consider “large” amounts of funds move to a cold storage wallet which effectively cant be hacked unless there is user error.

  4. Major Trading platforms I recommend are Bittrex and Poloniex.

If anyone has found a better cost effective way to buy, please let me know!

Hopefully this helps somebody!

Thanks Have fun. :v:


Hi DragonKF

You need to contact BTC Markets support to the raise limits, default is a meagre $2000 using POLI. They will contact you and they will set-up an account for you to do Direct Bank Transfers. This takes about 1-2 days working days to set-up. Once set-up, you can deposit directly without limits. The only draw back is it take typically 1-2 business days for a bank transfer to show up in BTC Markets. I’ve just set this up a few days ago. Unfortunately, by the time the money got into the account I had missed a good BTC dip :frowning:

At least I’m ready for the next big dip now :sunny:

I hope this helps.

Sei Kin


Thanks for the info seikin, many more boats or rockets yet to get on…


How do you increase your limit from $300 per week? I’ve submitted every form of ID I have but whenever I click increase limit it just tells me what my limit is but no option for increasing it.


Keep buying your $300 limit. I’ve been told it will increase overtime.


I actually submitted a support ticket, and literally just wrote " I need my account limit raised, thanks" They take a few days to raise your limit.


I’ve been using Coin Spot, but the fees turn out to be about 6.5% for fiat deposits. 3% is the upfront, disclosed fee. Then there is the inflated price…it’s insane. Then, if you want to use it to trade, it is 1% between currencies. That makes trading long-term trades easy.

However, you should really be careful about the prices given between currencies, especially during times of volatility. I’m looking for a better solution, plus I want access to other cryptos that they don’t sell.