Crypto price between stock exchanges



Something I don’t understand and I would be great if someone can give me a great answer :slight_smile:

Let say for example someone put a sell wall of 30BTC for a certain quantity of NEO on Bittrex. So normally the price of NEO should fall faster or rise slower than an other stock exchange where you can also trade NEO right ? (because other stock exchanges may not have the big sell wall)
But even with a big sell wall the price remains relatively the same between stock exchanges, how can that happen ?
I know that for a short period of time you can do arbitrage and you can make some profit but the difference is not that extreme.

Same question with FIAT/CRYPTO pairs, if someone on an exchange decide to sell 100BTC to CAD, and the pair BTC/USD doesn’t have that big sell wall, the price should differ a lot from an exchange to another right ? But it’s rarely the case…
If BTC/USD fall fast like today, BTC/CAD will have the same momentum on whatever exchanges.


Not the best at answering your question, but maybe here is are links below that might help. I use them to watch market movement.

Buy & Sell walls just slow down the movement on the exchange. They do not force the order to fill. Large walls maybe fake (spoofy) just to intimidate and used to manipulate the market. It is very hard to tell, unless its bouncing around. If the market is moving fast, walls do not matter.

If someone did a huge market sell or buy order and there is not enough liquid, it will cause a large price spike. This is because market selling, force fill your order at any price.

In the past, I see many traders use Gdax as a indicator if btc will rise or fall.
And Gdax prices was at a premium because it allow fiat purchase.
Currently Bitfinex has been a leading indicator.
Bittrex will soon allow fiat so its good to watch all 3.


Thanks man :slight_smile: I will look closer at your links !