Crypto Mining in 2018


Yeah I hear you man. I’m only waiting on my CPU at the moment before I start posting videos on my progress. I figured I would go into it one graphics card at a time. I want to see if I can sift out some good deals all the way to my 7th card in this initial rig. May take about 3-7 months to complete the rig but I will be starting with 2-1080TI units.


Precisely, are you referring to the basic design of most stock PC cooling when you say front to back? Only thing you have to worry about is dust and you have Air Compressors for that. This is actually probably going to be my next rig down the line.


Stock PC cases vary to greatly and often times are horrible at cooling. I am referring to stock server chassis.


I like this question - this is a part of my 2018 moon goals:

How much do you want to make? ~$8,000 per month (approx 16 rigs?)
ASIC or GPU? GPU for flexibility
Electrical needs? Inclusive in my commercial lease (until it starts getting ridiculous - fair usage applies :slight_smile: … Will also hire an electrician when I get approx. 4 or more to ensure enough distributions and stability on the central electric board
Cooling needs? I have very large room that shouldn’t get too hot but will also have fans / coolers in the room as it expands.
Code requirements? Code? What’s that? I’ll be using SMOS / WINDOWs


For code requirements, there are some states, counties, and cities that have regulations regarding cooling and electricity. When you get an electrician, he should make you aware of any regulations.


I see… not sure how this translates in the UK but I will soon find out I’m sure


Very good idea, I like the progression mindset you are applying to the mining process.


Did you ever connect with Vosk?? I know him from working with Zencash…


No, I never got a response back from him.