Crypto Mining in 2018


He’s got all the fancy toys. I’m trying to get a live discussion with him setup.


I like the idea of those new huge boards for mining only, god there is less cables everywhere and you save the need for those risers.

But yeah, they need to be better spaced pci-e lanes.


This guy used watercooled cards with that MoBo, well hybrid cards, could help the cooling :sweat_smile:


Let me know what he says.


i bought two of those riserless boards. supposed to be getting here on tuesday. ordered them off ali baba, and now theyre stuck in customs at jfk. cant beat the price though 170$. theyre going for 250-350 on ebay. these boards even have built in processors, which is sweet. i doubt theyll be able to handle 1080tis, but ive got 6 msi 1070 armor ocs. maybe theyll get the job done without over heating, otherwise ill have to underclock them.


Just to be clear most businesses don’t make it out the hole and if they do it takes them years… Think hard on that.


I agree and disagree, the value you put into your first rig dictates everything in my opinion. Most businesses don’t make the ROI you can make mining.


If you do link the video in the thread brosef, thank you for the info as well.


I’m really curious about the temps generated while using one of these boards. I’m assuming the power draw is less not needing the risers, and obviously the mess is less, but I’m dying to know if the airflow is still solid or if a heatexchange is going to become nessisary to sustain larger operations


he went live tonight, i prefer his produced videos. throw him a superchat on his next stream, im sure hes heard of bitesizebitcoin decentralized tv etc


will have to wait and see. maybe ill make a video, or a photo journal of the process. i doubt itll take me more than 20 minutes to set up the rig.


Yeah document it, I will be documenting as well as soon as all the parts come.


Tons of GPU stock on Alibaba, even nice prices :sweat_smile::thinking:


You gotta be careful for scams.


Temps generated is all dependent on your cooling situation. If you try to cool it like a normal open air rig you are going to be disappointed but if you use like it is meant to be used in a front to back airflow case with the proper air flow it will exceed the open air rig in a smaller foot print.

We cool servers like this all the time in the data centers. It is all about air flow management. Heck I am working on a rack right now that has four Nvidia V100’s in a 1RU case.


Yeah airflow and cooling engineering seems key in mining and your own hydro dam for power seems advantageous too.

When the time comes I’m planning on taking some crypto gains and building a shed with mining rigs. Something big enough so I can live off of the profits generated. It’s very exciting!

My question is if you are going to be building a fairly decent sized rig would you just mine bitcoin with bitcoin miners or go with a GPU setup? It seems like going with the bitcoin miners would reduce the amount of equipment you need so the less problems you might come across. Or do people go with GPUs because its simply just cheaper to mine when it comes to electricity costs?


There is a combination of reasons people go with GPU mining rigs over ASIC mining rigs. There are also so many factors that go into sizing a building for mining.

How much do you want to make?
Electrical needs?
Cooling needs?
Code requirements?


How much do you want to make? At least $2000/wk
ASIC or GPU? I’m thinking ASIC because less equipment
Electrical needs? expensive Aust/New Zealand
Cooling needs? Will be needed but will be located in NZ/Tas so not too hot
Code requirements? :bitrocket:


im trying to build my farm up to this level as well. atleast .5btc per month. im halfway there. start with one rig and keep on mining. if you wait to get all your cards in one bulk order, its going to take you a week to get up and running anyways. i learned this the hard way. took me a day just to open all the freaking boxes.


I meant ASIC not GPU. I figure if you are going to build a decent sized farm, why not just go asic?