Crypto and Hot Rods


Is Craig Wright for the mining community? or is this another way to shamelessly promote that Bcash???


Hopefully they don’t ban mining operations or try to charge them way more just because of crypto. it should apply to data centers too!!


what’s your thoughts on global warming??


this is’t mining at all. hope no one goes for this junk!!!



Intake from the mine. what to expect today


whats your thoughts everyone. drop your comments!!!


My new mining series!! please watch and enjoy.

Let me know down below why you are interested in mining crypto. Or what got you investing.


@heavilyarmedclown pin this thread, or dctv members only for pin?


thank you for the recommendation


Great info inside. Come enter the MINEs with us!!!

Let me know below if you like gpu or ASICs and why!!!


Google CEOs are mining Ethereum lol too funny!


the politicians back to take more from there ppl. to print more fiat!! O Boy the times we live in lol.


good news from AMD!!! they are coming out with new mining hardware woohoo. Nvidia turn there back on us so AMD to the rescue!!!


ASIC knowledge


staying informed on what Bitmain is doing. November 8th they come out with the new S15 & T15. on the 7 nm chip.


Can you handle it when motherboards get EXPOSED!!! lol


another big BTC mine opening in Canada check it out!



would you all like to see more of this? and would you like to see me working on them??? Please let me know what you all think!!!