CredoEx - a new crypto exchange is on ProductHunt today



CredoEx is on Producthunt today and is giving away 100 Credo tokens to anyone who signs up today. No upvote required :heart_eyes_cat:

CredoEx is a new cryptocurrency exchange built by BitBounce, the Tim Draper backed company with more than 1.4 million registered users.

I’m on the team and happy to answer any questions :slight_smile:


so cool! congrats on the launch!


Thanks @john and thanks for your support :slight_smile:


Winner! Keep building!


Hey mate - great project - signed up today, but didn’t got promised 100 Credo tokens :scream:

Are you able to help me out? :pray:


I think u signed up to late mate as it was if u signed up yesterday but I could be wrong


That was easy to sign up will be giving this a try.


just signed up as well but guess i was too late for the 100 credo


Thank you kindly @peter :slight_smile:


Hmm - I will DM you to see if I can help that :slight_smile:


Thanks @youareinrange - I really appreciate you and would love to hear your thoughts.


Send me a PM and I will try to help out :slight_smile: