Credit unions and why they do not allow you to link with the likes of coinbase and even fidelity


Im finding out since the beginning of the year, that my nice little credit union does not allow linking my accounts online, with any online trading accounts. Navy Federal Credit Union, will not allow me to link with Coinbase. Additionally it will not even allow a Fidelity account… WTF.

Any recommendations for a bank to use that is low on fees and is based on the west coast. Well west coast may not matter.

Any help is greatly appreciated


I use a local credit union with no issues as well as Wells Fargo.


Navy Federal denied my coinbase and fidelity link. im not sure if that is their protocol. im currently out of town but when I get back I will go in my local branch to figure it out I guess.
Im not sure about going to wells after their fiasco. Lol


I managed to hook my BECU account directly and it still takes my bank card with them as well. I had a problem at first because it took a long time for some reason to get the two charges to process but not problems over the last few weeks.

When you speak to your credit union if they say something directly about it definitely post back


If you can get an account with NFCU then you need to get one with USAA as it does allow what you are requesting and is more or less crypto friendly as they are investors in Coinbase.


Ive been meaning to set up an account with them. This is another perfect reason. Thank You for reminding me.