Cool Cryptocurrency & Blockchain T Shirts - Free Shipping for all Bitcoin Pub Members!


Hello everyone, we’ve got some cool cryptocurrency & blockchain t-shirts up for you to check out. If you would like to pay in crypto, we accept many, many alt coins. Feel free to message us!
Since we’re all here finding out great information together in the Pub, shipping to you should be as easy as if you had walked into a brick and mortar and walked out with something really cool - so on all orders to US and Canada, you’ll receive free shipping with the code, “BitcoinPub” at checkout.

Thanks for checking us out!


Cool! What about international shipping?


So much love! Thanks so much!


Thanks for asking :grin: Check out with the code: INTbitcoinpub for 20% off or follow this link to have it auto-applied:


There must be an error on the site. I didn’t see any ICON options.


For payments in ICON, please choose the option “cryptocurrency” at checkout. Your order will be confirmed and sent to us and you will receive an email with an address to pay with ICON. We’re working on a way to integrate a payment processor directly on the page to make the process for you guys more simple, but in the mean time, we’re able to accommodate most alt coins manually.
Here’s a snapshot at checkout of the option to pay with ICON:

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Damnn thats awesome! Do you mind if I ask you how you did that?


Sure :slight_smile: (Our shop is hosted by Shopify.) On the admin panel I go to settings->payment providers->manual payments. I select to accept manual payments, and then I name the option.


Ahhhh ok, I’m not using shopify. Thank you tho, thats a cool feature they have.


Yeah, shopify has a lot of great features and apps. What platform do you use?


Woo commerce on wordpress, and stripe to accept payments. Stripe has a bitcoin feature but they’re removing it soon. I’ve just been taking payments to my personal wallet for other cryptos, I like how yours is setup though. Definitely looking into shopify.


Stripe was a default in one of our other ecommerce platforms. Wasn’t a fan of the lengthy deposit schedule. Been using Shopify for over two years and can’t complain. Customer service is always around, near infinite plug ins, deposits next day. Really simplifies cash flow to make business run smooth. Thanks. When we started we were thinking of going with WIX for the drag and drop manual design option but I’m glad we went with shopify.


HTR - Have you tried Shifty?


Nope i was reading your post about it though! Def going to look into it more when I get home!


The Public API Key you get when you register for their affiliate program. To my understanding they give you a percentage back of what you earn via them for just using their button.