Conspiracy Sunday: Q anon intel drops


What’s everyones thought on Alex Jones and friends saying Q has been compromised and he can prove it by the algorithms pumping instead of censoring the latest Q drops?

He also hates Jordan Peterson because he’s not a Christian. Jones really keeps me guessing…


The jury is still out…lol…ive felt like Jones has been doing a little too much fearmongering here lately…im not so sure about his motives these days



Well, Q kind of called them out without calling them out (Corsi and Jones) they ousted themselves. Jones is such a blowhard. I’ve tried to like him over the years, and sometimes come close to being on board, but he always has some inevitable, irrational meltdown and then it blows it for me. This is another one of those times.

I’m with Q



Yeah I’m moving forward more cautiously


Jones is a patsy. Bill cooper knew it back in the 90s. No different now.


There’s a suspicoius talk going around that Q changed over a month ago and is likely psy op now. I’ve seen it thrown around thats its likely an AI


I’ve heard/seen those rumors too however I think there has been instances where the Q group has disproven that…



So true story…i recently had to do some lab work at a well known lab facility…as i am signing in to do the labs…mind you im scanning the office like Jason Bourne when i enter a room…tryna figure out how to get the fook out should some dumb shit go down…i notice a brouchure on signing up for their online services to find out your lab results in real time…so i do lab work and grab the literature on the way out…go through the registration process…mind you their system creates a windows live id when you register…so i get an account through this particular “lab company’s” system and it directs me to sign in with the password that i have created for this account…it then prompts me after the login to answer questions about myself to verify i am who i say i am…this is a medical laboratory company mind you…these mother fuckers proceeded to ask me multiple choice questions on people who have resided in my house…cars that have been registered to different addresses that i have resided…the make of different vehicles…their system knew the answers…i had to choose the correct answers…A FUCKING MEDICAL LAB’S ONLINE SYSTEM…
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