Conspiracy Sunday: Q anon intel drops


Im.not saying its not. The problem is the tactics. That is what concerns me. Theres a book called “story brand” that talks about making your “client” the hero of the story. Well, that is what the posts are about. Go find this for mr, unravel this, share this, you arr a patriot.

Again. Just devils advocate. The NK thing was interesting but again it could be tactics to bait the right to look crazy. The average american doesnt believe in a global cabal started the nazis. Its really no different then what trump is doing to the left . Its all very interesting to me to say the least. Seems like psyops but the question is from who.


I TOTALLY dig your thoughts!!!..don’t get me wrong …4d chess played on both sides and in the dirty south we call it swallowing the hook…i havent swallowed the hook totally on q yet however i feel there are patriots who are in key places that still believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…im a vet…i’ve been deployed…this is ONE of the greatest countries the world has seen…


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Ill keep watching. Its interesting and at the very least entertaining. Some od the folks on twitter done :explopants3: the hook out. I read and go, “hmmm, ok that COULD be possible” then theres Capt. Tinfoil who goes way to far next post. Kinda like that 5g post video.


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Next week.


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Gotta love that
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Wonder who went to


Although i do like AJ and IW totally not tryna schill…however i’ve heard almost every call in from zaq… im convenced hes def


How did I miss this thread! I love Q! For the first time in my life I am finally hopeful that the deep state will be routed out and taken care of once and for all. What a time to be alive!

Good link for those unfamiliar with Q and will allow people to make up their own minds.


Could trump be the next Gaddafi or bin laden assasination? I read the post, I don’t see how it would be a government psyops? If he is leaking info like this just like how “anonymous” and other famous people do. Wouldn’t this be more of a public awakening to the corrupted system the world runs on?

I love riddles and cryptic messages. When I saw the group picture of trump with their thumbs up, I immediately picked up their hand gestures were all same except the women’s. However I did not see the letter Q It formed.

Super interesting, never liked government and all that bs


It is a public awakening. The “great awakening” is what it has been called by many, including “Q”. Worldwide corruption. It really is like living in the matrix. Crazy ass shit. Hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. What seems up is down and what seems down is up.


Fingers crossed that Q is the real deal & they are going to take down\out those who have been playing god over the rest of us for years. Fingers also crossed that this isn’t yet another elaborate con job & Q is part of the problem & we are all being hoodwinked.


Def a “Stranger Things” #upsidedownworld we are living in…


imo, take everything with a grain of salt.

as long as you have good morals then that is what will keep the world a better place. to spread that knowledge is more powerful.

there is literally nothing us “citizens” can do when it comes to handling such corruption.