Conspiracy Sunday: Q anon intel drops


It’s conspiracy sunday…anyone care to share any good insights, therories, wisdom, research or opinions on the latest Q drops


I wondered when you were gonna post.

I went through and read all this q anon stuff. I didnt fact check any of the things that were “predicted” that came through but some of this stuff is so generic anything could fit the bill.

For example a nostradomus program quoted him as writing “twin brothers will fall” and hes credited with predicting the twin towers being attacked. Yet that stuff is so generic anything could fit the bill of twin brothers.

So while I think theres a small chance this stuff is coming from the intel community to stir up shit for the media to be distracted by, its more like some random person making this all up to see what will happen.

OR better yet, its the democrats doing it to control you, OR even better its shia lebouf payback for taking down his flag.

Either way, if things get more obvious, and predictive then maybe Id believe. Otherwise its just stuff that happens to tie up.

I guess my question is how long will one believe if they dont keep delivering on the dates tbey set out?

Its entertaining to watch ill tell you that.


Much respect on your thoughts and opinions…i appreciate your reply…i’ve went down the rabbit hole and back again my friend…i did my own research…and q was calling out events…such as the plane/helicopter crash on the rothschild estate…i could name many more…anywho yes David Seaman from Fulcrum news thinks the q phenom is a larp too…this is like a Louder with Crowder type…i believe in the Q intel drops convince me why i shouldn’t type discussion…lol… :illuminati: :skull::metal:


I do too thats what i sent you a secret message in my text. I hid the cypher behind a wall in your house


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Ill admit i am a wannabe techie however I got a biologic type warning system


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Damn the typos and damn the coronas and thc talkin to my head or maaaaaybe the low freq manipulation that @Nekko is sending through “voice of god” tech that he has designed


Its the chemtrails and uv light bro


@Matty you tryna get me started up…


Nah i think you know im teasin ya. And I think your beliefs wont be changed as well as mine until i see more evidence. Plausible, but not confirmed for me yet.


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The aliens mayun…its


What if Q is actually a liberal anti trump person who is hyping all this up and pretending to be on his side only to disappoint the anonnation and turn them against trump?

Podesta not in jail
Hillary not in jail
Bunch of promises that are getting back burnered


Just hold tight my friend…you’ll see…Tillerson totally dogwhistling to the globalist stay behinds in his farewell speech in Kenya…q said this would be a big week…Tillerson’s oust was pretty yuge…bigley even…


And think about it…it was a 16 year plan that was shut down midway…it takes time to unravel shit thats been going down…I’ve went down the rabbit hole and back…did plenty of research in the first few months of the q posts…i had to stop and focus on mining operations…now i mostly just keep up with the handful of channels that havent been deleted on youtube…


What if im Q and larping you and @Nekko