Confused by ERC20 (And Associated) Tokens And Wallet "Consolidation"




I’ve decided to start DCA’ing NEO, and, thereby, “taking the plunge” into more ERC20 tokens, via airdrops, DCA, etc.

I have, kind of, missed the boat though, on ETH/ERC20 in general, mainly, out of anxiety of not understanding how these tokens, from what I understand (or don’t :sob:), “share” wallets, how multiple ERC20 tokens can be addressed to the same Ether-derived wallets, and how this, semantically, all works.

In short, I am quite confused about the ERC20 “ecosystem”, especially, with regards to token-wallet operations. The reading I have done hasn’t been “didactic enough” to get through my thick skull :joy:. Could anyone suggest a good basic reading, or video reference to get me on the right track?

Sorry to trouble all of you Ether-Illuminati, but, the whole prospect is a bit opaque and nerve-racking to me.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.