anyone use it ? Thoughts?



Hi guys usually i am the one on top of the crypto when it comes to my friends and family but the day has come. My friend that took me since September to beginning of December to convince he needed to get into crypto has now come to me with a site that I was not familiar of yet. So proud of him… haha he has been bitten by the crypto bug. is the site and it also has an app. Similar to Block folio.

My question to everyone is: Has anyone tried this ? What are your thoughts ? and would you recommend it ?


also @peter if you do think there is value in this it would be pretty cool if you did video on DCTV teaching how to use it or at least showing what it has to offer. I have just started my dive into checking it out but so far it looks more promising than Blockfolio.


I’m using it as a paid user and I couldn’t be happier with it. It tracks all your coins once you’ve set up the APIs for the exchanges you use, and it also supports wallet imports. Best of all, and the reason I paid for the service, is it’ll track all your trades and calculate taxes. That alone was worth the subscription fee.


I have just signed up to try it out. Though it’s the free version without API import, I just did a full CSV import from my Binance account and it’s showing the total value of the account to be 40% of what Binance says my account is worth.


I had issues with the manual CSV imports and had to go in and correct some errors by hand. It was a PITA, but since I went to API imports, everything has been accurate.


So yeah im having a similar issue…great site, and love the details as well as very easy to use…but after uploading my Coinbase info, it’s telling me I have more $$$ than I should have lol…
Obviously im only really using this for tax purposes but it makes me wary when it tells me I have 5 BTC when I know I don’t…
Also it’s reporting my 4 Neo as 2 Neo and 2 Antshares lol…


My guess is that you imported from some exchanges that support Deposit/Withdrawals and some that don’t which then shows more coins than you actually have.
I would suggest to clear all your trades (backup first!) and redo API imports with all deposit/withdrawals unchecked.
That fixed it for me.

Also, to the original poster, yeah I am using it and I think it’s great. The automatic API import (for paid users) is a time saver. No longer need to manually import or track that down in an excel sheet. Also it can fill the tax form for you at the end of the year!
A few of us have referral links for 10% off. Just PM one of us paid users for a link, if interested.


Thanks great info!! I knew I had screwed something up lol


I have been using it since September. I would not hesitate to purchase their product next year. I did have some issues with the manual import for my mining and wallet transfers at first but once I got those straight the API’s work like a dream. I think one of the reasons it was such a pain with the CSV imports was because I was not aware that wallets like Exodus have CSV exports that would have saved me a lot of time during the initial setup.


Apparently according to Cointracking, I have -0.06 BTC (negative) on Binance… I’m guess it has something to do with using BNB to pay for the trading fees.


I’ve been loving the free version so far. I plan to upgrade to get around the hassle of manual csv exports/imports!


I have had that happen a few times and here were the causes.

  1. The exchange was slow to report on the API and it worked itself out in a day or two or I just triggered it to run the report again which only works if you haven’t made your call out to the exchange.

  2. I didn’t report my manual transfers between exchanges and personal wallets appropriately with fee’s.


I’m using it and its been fantastic…once I got all my data in correctly. I found I had to pay close attention to what data is supported for each exchange in each format. Some exchange APIs do not support withdrawals/deposits, while their CSV exports do and vice-versa. You need to pay attention to this for accurate data.

I have some exchanges importing via API and some I have to upload CSV exports to get all the data.


I’m going to try the free version of cointracking. It says the Tax Report is limited under the Free version features and I can’t find it on their website to see HOW it’s limited. Anyone know? Not really wanting to pay .012 BTC for the pro version just yet.


Here’s the upside to this crypto dip…cointracking’s 0.012 BTC fee for a year or 0.019 for two years plus the 10% referrer discount and 5% discount for paying in BTC makes it more palatable in USD. I sprung for the 2 year subscription and paid in BTC so got all the discounts, so 2 years cost me 0.0162 ($146.83 at the time). Couple weeks ago one year was about $130. So it’s a good time to get it.


thanks for the heads up @altcoinchick im going to try and get that deal as well


Hey everyon

I’ve been searching for a good way to track my portfolio, and Cointracking seems to be the most highly regarded.

I am confused about a few things :

  • If I got a pro account and used API, then as long as I did this for all the exchanges I use it should give me a constantly updated and accurate portfolio. I heard people mentioning deposits and withdrawals, but from the website it seems to say that all the big exchanges have deposits and withdrawals with API.

  • If you use the more manual CSV files, do you have to keep re uploading them to keep your portfolio up to date?

  • The pro version says max 3500 transactions in the API imports bit, I’m guessing that means individual trades not each API import?

I don’t want to pay for the pro version and then run in to problems!

Thanks in advance


how do you clear all the trades and start over??
I haven’t been able to figure it out…thanks!!


Enter Coins ==> Overview & Manual Import. Then Click Bulk Edit/Delete button and then select ‘Delete All Trades’.
You might want to do a backup just in case: Account ==> Trades Backup


Thanks!!AWESOME!!! Thank you!