CoinPuffs v0.22 🥣




Hey John, buy a Pundi X coin from me! :rofl:


I’m going to leave it there for a bit… just for you!


Would really love a android app!


Me 3…:beers:


The site looks great… I had some trouble with the search box looking for DENT and ARK. I was able to find ARK by browsing page by page, but didn’t have any luck with DENT which should be ranked 124 as per coin market cap.


but… you trust CMC?


Touche my friend lol


coin puffs log in function… lets talk about that doge gif lol


Anyone else having refresh problems? Seems like when I refresh the page it doesn’t load the updated 24hr change. Even the price jumps around for me. It happens to me on my mobile too. Just wanted to post and see if anyone else is experiencing this.


things are looking good here. lmk if you can show some screenshots or view the console.


i had major lag on CP yesterday… sorry didnt take any screen shots or have better info. is there something i should pay attention or could monitor to give more productive feedback?


the homepage works great. but when clicking into specific coins it gets stuck loading.


All those tabs tho. Time to clear cache?


its probably only got like 1-2 years worth of cookies and spamware/malware on it…

lol. let me try that and report back!


You’re probably mining monero too.


oddly, i dont mind… at least someone is making good use of my computer! lol #golem


It’s been few days the charts are down, cleared cache but it still wont show up


same here.


same here, but will keep using it anyways because coinpuffs is the tits!


Didn’t want to say anything because I know needs all hands on deck. Also I only use CoinPuffs regardless Still the best website out there.