CoinPuffs v0.21 ... Maybe? 🤔


I had to revert back to the last design iteration for a moment… so I could test out a new live-update system that I wanted to implement.

Let me know if you see it:


Once I finalize this… I’ll move back to our updated design:

One person mentioned that this could induce (is that the right word?) epileptic seizures… i didn’t think about that before implementing it. Thoughts?

CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!
CoinPuffs v0.22 :bowl_with_spoon:

I’m not epileptic but seems fine to me. I didn’t know I was rich now… look at the NEO price. omnomnomnomnomnom


if we could set up the refresh time of the price that’d be good, otherwise coinpuffs seems to be a red and green light parade :grin:


would be cool if this was like blockfolio with live updates.


Nice use of sockets! I was monitoring the load of this over time, i think i can leave this open all day without
big performance issues!


I read somewhere that flashing lights or certain flashing patterns can trigger epileptic seizures. Maybe have an option to turn it on/off or reduce refresh rate.

“For about 3% of people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures.”


Will there be an option to switch off the highlights? I have migraines and this will definitely trigger one :slight_smile:


i’m going to look into designing it differnetly.


I like that it updates automatically. I would prefer if it did not flash. Maybe make a toggle button too?


I’m not a fan of the red and green flashing bars. It’s very distracting. The flashing reminds me of the early days of html internet. However, I wouldn’t mind if the some of the actual numbers updated.


the row being solid light green AND the “featured” button violates the less is more rule… and the redundant light green solid bar is fighting the dark green solid bar from the up down flash mechanism…


probably 90% of initial page loads are going to click show me more, so I’d default to 25 or 50 even if grinds the database a lil bit


@john have you thought about adding two currencies at the same time in the main page ? Like FE USD as it is atm and a scroll down button to its right that we could chose either BTC as a default (mainly BTC since its a MUST for reference) but also use the top right list of National currencies too ?


@john I was jumping around looking at a few coins on the puffs noticed something and wanted to know where would i put in a request to have coin info updated or corrected?

Besides that i am digging the App… Definitely in the running to be one of my top resources.


create a new thread as a suggestion. ideas welcome!