CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



currently… this:


Hi @john, I don’t think ICX counter is updating…


Why do some coins have the tag “Featured” on coinpuffs. What does this mean?


c’mon bud. Scroll up a few comments and you got your answer!


Thanks for the breakdown.


Ok so what happen that I don’t see Veritaseum on Coinpuffs anymore. But you have Sandcoin and Foodcoin. They aren’t even allowed to stateside folks.


Thanks @john - I learned something new today lol! :smile:

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The current FEATURED coins are via Peter Saddington’s 2018 HODL and Dollar Cost Averaging List of recommended coins. :explopants: :explopants6: :hodl:


Thank you for a clear, direct and simple, straight forward answer. I suspected something like this but thank you for confirming this. :sunglasses:



Hi John,
How do I add just the coins I want to see?
Thanks man!


we’ll be publicly releasing this soon… :slight_smile:


Question Why isn’t tron (trx) not listed on coin puffs?


Not sure where to post this but @peter and @john when I went to coinpuffs this morning most the volume was showing 0.000000. Not sure if you knew already or not but I wanted to let you know just incase.


screenshot? can you refresh your browser?


Yup, the volume is not showing properly


Sorry @john this took so long. Yes, I refreshed my browser.

Here are the screenshots that I took about 5 minutes ago.


Is there going to be a fully functioning ICX section?