"CoinPuffs" is a highly controversial name!



I never resonated with the name CoinPuffs tbh…

I actually looked up the word “puff” and it literally says:

“…[ with obj. ] advertise with exaggerated or false praise…”

(sorry for the small font – I wanted everything to be in one screenshot)

This is quite controversial to say the least…

“Puff” + “pump” are like synonyms… { The X-Files tune } …it’s worse actually [ advertise with exaggerated or false praise ] … :grimacing:



But, what if we did this on purpose…? :eyes:



What if…
Yeah, well, tbh, from my perspective another name would fit better with the message you are bringing… I thought of creating a post about that… “RaiBlocks” changed to “Nano”… and this is kinda like “DarkCoin” and “Xcoin” that’s “Dash” now, if you see what I mean… …less shady / unclear).

I did had this theory that you guys are like clones tbh (read: not twins) that’s how you are creating so videos ;p
And “Peter” does have like the masonic black and white tiles…


you might want to do this… :doge:


lets talk about @peter x tattoo on his finger though :tinfoilhat:


That’s what happens when you do the tinfoil thing to close the microwave right? Jiffy-Pop pop? :rofl:


coming to the pub is ok…
the url comes up when i typ “th” (“t” is for tumblr …)
with coinpuffs people would have to type at least 5 characters since coinmarketcap would come up…

i forgot to mention:
when i type “y” for youtube i see “bitcoin bitesize” sometimes – how did you do that?
you seem to be Illuminati-Certified™ fr
Look at this pic I found, look at that fuckin’ logo in the corner – the fuckin’ synchronicity lol



How much Metal is that :thinking:

I wondered about that too tbh – do all the clones have the same tattoos you think or are they slightly different and is it to distinguish them?


@peter take notes for coming Sunday… this is how you do it right XD


Let me blow your mind :mindblown: @john @peter just twin Koreans :megusta:


I need to see some birth certifications! :troll:


Better than Puffies?


… but you will.

Bummer with the derogatory slang… doh.


I bet he gets great reception :flying_saucer:


Cuckoo for CoinPuffs?!




I suspect them of time travelling and/or drinking blood of stolen babies. :troll:

Remember when Peter said he wanna grow his facial hair?!

Or one of the early versions is planted in Hollywood.


For real:

  • Hollywood is a psy-op by itself;

  • time traveling is real – but that’s [ another ] a Sunday Livestream topic by itself; and,

  • the same goes for babies getting stolen by the “elite” / ““Illuminati”” and being sacrificed to Satan aka Lucifer… and they do weird shit (#pedogate and shit) and drink their blood etc. :dizzy_face: :unamused: :face_with_thermometer: :tired_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

:musical_score: smoke “elites” e’ryday :musical_note:


Seriously, you did, and I thank you…!
I thought of this when you guys launched the app and forgot.
I love UK slang btw.


not many people speak Dutch, but Flickr (flikker) = is a derogatory slag term for homosexuals as well and it’s the best app to post pics… I post my slides @ flickr.com/photos/wr1l/ btw


Holy fuck LMFAO

click for more (the tags) ^
#dirty sanchez
lol wtf
omg, I need to spend more time on that website in stead of Tumblr I guess lmfao
"idgaf" btw, 'cause i’m dutch i guess…
americans and bri’ish are quite conservative…


Awesome :top: !!
Should make a banner with that quote!