CoinMarketCap: The Touchstone (Beginner guide)


CoinMarketCap: The Touchstone

If you want to be successful in whatever it is that you do relative to blockchain technology, it’s critical to keep up to date with the price action and community. is the crypto touchstone for real. Bookmark it, make it a morning routine to overview and familiarize yourself with sometimes subtle, but often drastic value changes.


We’ve watched a number of projects rising in the industry grow so quickly.

The markets tab lists where the most transaction activity it taking place per blockchain, subdivide into the specific places it’s being traded.

The great thing about blockchain coins and tokens is that they are designed to be accountable hence the referenceable public ledger where all of our transactions live.

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But we already have for that…it automatically updates, does not all of sudden ban exchanges without explanation (eg. South Korean Exchanges causing a major market dip), and as of last count features 600 more coins/tokens. Thanks for the insight but I gotta have my puffs !


Thx for the feedback @JackAlom, you know what! Will do a review video on coin puffs too! stay tuned!


:point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up: love it.


We appreciate CMC. They have done a great job of introducing a ton of folks into the system. But, they aren’t without challenges and issues…

One of the biggest things that we want to do with #coinpuffs is actually create a community-driven system with less bias and a more open source mentality around displaying and showcasing what’s really happening in the larger ecosystem and space.

And the community that’s driving decisions and an open and transparent manner are the folks here on The Pub :tm:.


Transparency is what this is all about! We’re looking forward to diving into coin puffs!!! @john


My pleasure brother ! Rock on with your reviews and thanks.


Yeah I am dating my self with that response. But those commercials stuck in my head and that cereal would occasionally stick to my teeth.


Thanks for the support man!