CoinEx XRP Deposit



Has anyone had experience with depositing XRP into CoinEx? It’s a beautiful exchange, easy to use, and has a great UI. However, I was depositing my XRP into the exchange wallet, but I found out AFTER the fact that it requires a destination tag. Unfortunately for my quick trigger finger, I sent my funds from my Ledger into CoinEx without the tag.

Thus, the XRP went straight into the general CoinEx XRP wallet. If I had put the destination tag on there, it would have routed my funds to my specific XRP wallet assigned to me on the exchange.

My question is, has anyone ever had an issue where this might have happened and whether you had luck retrieving your funds from the exchange. If so, how long did it take? Was it difficult? Was there a fee?

Any words/assistance/info would help! Thanks all!



The Support Team at CoinEx was great. The turn around time to get to my ticket was only two (2) days; likely because it’s a fairly new exchange. But after handing over my transaction info of my XRP deposit, they were able to reroute the funds into my CoinEx XRP wallet on the exchange.

Two thumbs up to CoinEx and their user-friendly exchange/app!


Update 2:

My experience with CoinEx has been pretty extraordinary. The support staff is still great and they seem to be on a road to success with their latest development. Again, aside from my personal dealings with them, the exchange is very easy to use, the app on iOS is absolutely wonderful, and it’s just a good looking exchange overall.

Their native token, CEX was on fire today given their announcement:

I see some good things happening for this exchange (at least in the near term). I recommend checking them out. If you want, you can use my referral link to sign up for free or use my referral code tp9z2. :bitrocket: