Coinbase to add anything?


Lol thats like 50 projects out there


Name them. Especially the working product part. And when I say ‘working product’, I mean a product that is working, in use. It’s doing what it says in the tin.


Pretty sure it’s going to be 0x next


I think Dash has a decent chance. they have a growth budget to petition coinbase and their product is accepted at a small but growing base of merchants


All true but Coinbase have just added ERC20 token support so that’s where I’m coming from. Could be we see Dash but it’s a strong likelihood that we’ll see an Ethereum token soon. BAT, 0x and OMG being among the strongest contenders.


Its going to be eos. Def not bat :stuck_out_tongue:


Why EOS? And you’ve got another 49 to go.

By the way, I don’t own BAT. I don’t own EOS. I’m just making an informed guess on it due to the new ERC20 support (which EOS is but not for long by the way - and that possibly counts it out unless Coinbase want to be fucking around with a new standard which hasn’t even been released yet for their wallets).


Well it looks like ETC is next inline, my guess is ZRX next. Hearing a lot about OMG possibly as well. Any other guesses ?



@peter , @Dsquared and a few others made the ETC :etc: call for Coinbase.
Which of the alts below do you think will be added to Coinbase.

  • 0x
  • OMG :omg:
  • BAT
  • D0X :dnt:
  • XRP :xrp:
  • XRB :xrb:
  • ADA :ada:
  • IOTA :miota:

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Is this a sign? :thinking::mooning::rocket::rocket: