Coinbase to add anything?


Ripple Stellar are very high supply and theyre at the top


They sure are, specifically for utility. I think coins like xrp and stellar are good way of providing services for transfering in the future, but I think Litecoin will beat them at the counter for a cup of coffee.


Ltc is too slow without additional layers to pay for the coffee. XRP XLM is 3 seconds.


Lightning network is important


If they are I’m betting on XRP


looking at their portfolio of coins, XRP would fit from a pricing per token stand point, give them a good spread of tokens at different prices. Newbies would run with it.

Dash would be great though, the dash team are working pretty hard to make Dash usable to the public so would be a good coin to have more coverage


would consider the top market cap coins, except for the privacy coins probably.


Isn’t there a privacy piece to Dash that might keep it from getting added in? Especially with the FTC all up in Coinbase’s business.

I asked Crypto Bobby during the Happy Hour the other night what his guesses we’re for Coinbase additions and he mentioned they would probably add ETC back in because they already have the framework built out. Next up would be XRP and XLM.

It’s fun to guess though, so I’d say these in this order:

XMR - would be cool but don’t think they will because of the privacy bit. Maybe MoneroV?


Colin, I think you’ve got something there / nailed it!


I kinda hope they just go way off the rails and add NEO just to fuck with everyone lol


Only thing Coinbase adding these days are rumors! :laughing:

@GregBeddor may have a point about ETC since they already have the framework built out.

Most likely addition apart from ETC, would be XRP. I would be personally shocked if XLM gets added before XRP. I won’t mind re-investing in XRP to make a short term gain during the listing lol :face_with_monocle:


I think CryptoBobby talked about how coins added to Coinbase doesn’t really push the price up much. Look at Bcash going to 9k for 4mins after listing then now, which is 1k and that’s roughly the price before the official announcement.




He did (Crypto Bobby) say in that same sentence about Coinbase adding ETC, that just using Coinbase additions as your investment strategy is lame. Which I agree, but if you look at the case for LTC, which was added on Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 - it doubled in one week! And we all know where LTC is at today…

Before Coinbase added it: $16.00 - Today: $143.00

Personally I don’t see Dash going up too much if they add it to Coinbase, but with Ripple, ETC or Stellar I would expect them to at least double after a few weeks, or a few months after being added to Coinbase.


I think that coinbase will add something like OMG with the latest ERC20 news

Ethereum Classic on Coinbase a profit monster?

Dang, ZRX pumping today with the Coinbase ERC20 news! Will it make it back to $1.00 by tomorrow?


I’ve mostly heard speculation of BAT, GNT, OMG, REP, and ZRX being contenders for Coinbase. I did not see any of those coming. I was thinking XRP or ETC.


Coinbase announced support for erc20 tokens. Could they be part of a wider focus on consumer crypto investment products? Sounds very positive.


BAT is a very very strong candidate. Not a security. Transparent use case in a working product and a legitimate team with a strong background. And it’s an erc20 token.


Not sure about adding…but when Binance add fiat…coinbase can unadd my debit card…:wink: