Coinbase to add anything?


Which Alt will be added to Coinbase next ? What is your guess?


it’s gotta be either Doge or Fuck


DOGE for sure… :rofl:


They might as well bite the bullet and just put icx on tomorrow :rocket:


My guess is ETC XRP or XLM


Probably ICX :smirk:


DASH will be the next one in line IF Coinbase were to add any more cryptocurrencies. Its a no brainer.


They previously supported ETC after fork, and then disengaged. I dont think ETC would make the cut. DASH however is right up there alley.


Dash is a pretty cool coin


Been avidly researching DASH, its really decent cryptocurrency. Not every cryptocurrency is perfect but DASH has really good use case and features, plus its made of BTC original source code, plus plus…low supply. I feel like low supply is a concept that goes over a lot of peoples heads.

I mean I get it a lot of alts are cheap but the supply is crazy high, to use something like that as an investment vehicle still hasnt made sense to me. Maybe somone can educate me on how having a large supply vs low supply effects the strength of the cryptocurrency as well as its value.


Circulating supply doesn’t really matter. except for the price of each token .1 cent to .2 cents is a huge gain. You just get more coins per dollar. Psychologically it could be great to have a low supply if that starts mattering more than actual adoption of a project or mainstream use.


plus coins are divisable


Privacy might be a regulatory issue well see. Coincheck just removed all privacy coins


Im talking specifically about total supply. It has to have some kind of impact on value, market cap. Exactly and thats the thing about bitcoin source code coins, yea they might be copy cats just trying to make bitcoin better but it seems they all want to steer in the same direction of total supply being low. So then it can be used not only as a currency,a protocol, but also it can be used then as an investment vehicle by way of stored value.

But many coins have a privacy option, so did they remove those to? DASH has a privacy option and so does ZCASH…what really makes a coin a privacy coin? Now if you are talking about complete anonymity then yes those coins will have a problem with the bigger exchanges.

Coinbase would probably never add an Anonymity coin/token to much legal hassle.


Total supply impacts the price of each token


Just means youll be able to buy less tokens, than a high circulating supply


Have you ever seen onchainfx?


YEs but don’t use it much


Just amuses me that most coins with a medium or low total supply will have largest market cap by 2050 and those with higher supply don’t really even break in the top 10 except a few special ones like xrp, xlm, and cardano.


It implies my Coins should be the most valuable ones